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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order review – a new hope

  • kintariskintaris311,979
  • DeadGuy70DeadGuy70259,432
    Posted on 26 November 19 at 16:43Permalink
    Awesome review, thanks.
  • AeriBouSAeriBouS558,091
    Posted on 26 November 19 at 16:48Permalink
    Let's hope this game sells well so EA can learn to stop ripping off customers with micro transactions. Gamers also need to stop buying these stupid "surprise mechanics".
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  • Posted on 26 November 19 at 16:57Permalink
    I 100% completed this game and thoroughly enjoyed it. They need to bring a fast travel option, but other than that, this game was spectacular.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 26 November 19 at 17:38, Edited on 26 November 19 at 17:39 by Permalink
    the game is brilliant, far better than a lot higher rated games I think.
  • KodingKoding914,111
    Posted on 26 November 19 at 17:44Permalink
    Nice review. My One X with this just arrived so hopefully I can play some of this tonight.
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  • Posted on 26 November 19 at 17:51Permalink
    Was gonna buy this in the One X bundle but after I saw the sweet Gears 5 Xbox One X edition I went for that one. Still definitely looking forward to playing this game once it inevitably hits EA Access
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 26 November 19 at 18:06Permalink
    I must say though this is the first site to even mention God of War in comparison when gameplay obviously is based on tomb raider with dark souls style combat, which 99.9% of players have noticed.

    That isn't a bad thing, I'd rather a game copy great games than try something radical and fail,or copy crap games and get crap results(we all know what recent overrated release that is) like some do
  • nightw0lfnightw0lf615,853
    Posted on 26 November 19 at 18:31, Edited on 26 November 19 at 18:34 by nightw0lfPermalink
    This is a good review. There are still a lot of bugs and random glitches (falling through the floor, getting stuck, enemy glitching, and more) in the game, too, though I'm sure those will get ironed out soon.

    I'm still playing this - here are my thoughts:
    * The visuals are beautiful.
    * I wholeheartedly agree that traversing the maps becomes a real chore. As mentioned, getting back to the ship can be a real pain. I've been trying to 100% regions of the map as much as I can and that gets really frustrating in some areas.
    * I agree the slides are dumb. Badly implemented and too many of them. The worst I've encountered is the one in the ice caves with spinning wheels you have to freeze and jump through. Your force "freeze" isn't precise enough, especially while sliding, and even if I get a wheel locked in the right spot, l die repeatedly on this due to the awful gaps in front of and behind the wheels. Sometimes I make the jump and inexplicably die anyway.
    * Maybe it was different dev teams, but I would've expected the developer that did Titanfall's excellent parkour to have done a much better job with platforming and parkour in this game. Wall running, jumps, and rope grabs can be so damn imprecise and challenging to judge. Many hours into the game, I *still* randomly miss jumps, or worse still, Cal will land the jump, then inexplicably slide backwards off the edge. Rope grabs do get much easier after you get force pull, but they're painful before that. Expect to die a lot more from random crap in these areas than in combat. For a game that relies so much on jumping and parkour, it shouldn't be so badly implemented.
  • SheBeatsYouSheBeatsYou207,982
    Posted on 26 November 19 at 20:16Permalink
    AeriBouS said:
    Let's hope this game sells well so EA can learn to stop ripping off customers with micro transactions. Gamers also need to stop buying these stupid "surprise mechanics".
    EA already expressed that this is a one-time thing they do not care roll
  • BlackxRyanBlackxRyan633,209
    Posted on 26 November 19 at 22:49Permalink
    Loved Titanfall 2, I will definitevely play this one.
  • snake42069snake42069658,635
    Posted on 26 November 19 at 23:11Permalink
    polygon has a collectibles guide that assumes you have every needed upgrade. You can either avoid collectibles until you have everything, or get what you see and just go for the ones on the list that you missed.
  • Jet KlaatuJet Klaatu260,598
    Posted on 26 November 19 at 23:58Permalink
    Good review. I'd agree with the score. I'd give it a 9/10 for sure. It's as close to a perfect game that EA could put out. I knew the Titanfall team would do a good job but this is beyond my expectations.

    Seems like a good year for Star Wars compared to the last couple of years (Last Jedi was god awful!). We get this game, The Mandalorian and Episode IX this year. Assuming EIX is good then it's a hat-trick!
  • Butters sUButters sU21,350
    Posted on 27 November 19 at 01:21Permalink
    Correct me if I'm wrong but EA had nothing to do with this right? I was under the impression Respawn was bought over half way through development and were told to hurry up and finesh it. I may be wrong, hoping for a little clarification.

    Either way I thought it was an amazing game. Seems a little short without all the collectable gathering but easy to forgive that with how well done the story was. It may also not have actually been short and just felt that way because I played about 15 hours straight to start.
  • MugenKairoMugenKairo248,046
    Posted on 27 November 19 at 02:36Permalink
    I'm always surprised that a company like Respawn can't publish their own games and need EA to do the publishing. But regardless, its really positive to hear the game doing well so that more single player star wars games emerge after this one.
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  • PsiScreamPsiScream365,393
    Posted on 27 November 19 at 05:09Permalink
    I really dislike this game. Unless you are a Tomb Raider fan, I would recommend avoiding it, as the rest of the game isn't enough to make up for the non-stop jumping, sliding, rope swinging, ledge grabbing, wall running mechanics. Even the lightsaber combat is completely unfulfilling at this point - maybe it gets better as you fill in the skill tree. I've only completed the first planet and even that was a complete chore.

    I'm a huge Star Wars fan, plus I've already dropped the cash on a disk copy, so I'll see if I can't find a full walkthrough video to help me suffer through the rest of the game before happily trading it in. My score: 1/5
  • Posted on 27 November 19 at 08:47Permalink
    Decent Review for the game. I would give it around 8.5/10. It does seem a bit like Tomb Raider, however I don't think this is a bad think. Exploring worlds this way makes the game more enjoyable and gives a break from the constant button bashing. Those that give games a low score need to realise that no game is ever going to be upto everyone expectations, and maybe they need to try to make there own game. Believe me that is not an easy task,

    Well done to Respawn for making a decent Star Wars game at last.
  • Posted on 30 November 19 at 14:08Permalink
    My only annoyances are functional. After the patch, the game softlocks and crashes a ton.

    At the moment, there's a spot in the inquisitor base that crashes the game every time I try to pass through it and I can't progress. Several times before this the game wouldn't even launch, or would crash when I tried to load a save.
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