Game Discussion: Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr

Cabal and multiplayer

  • Posted on 27 November 19 at 08:04Permalink
    I am currently working towards getting 100% on this and require some active people to either join my cabal or I join them. I have made a cabal but it’s only me in it.

    I also require people for the 50 multiplayer missions. I only started the game Friday and am lvl 43.

    Message me here or on Xbox live If you’re interested.
  • Posted on 27 November 19 at 17:30Permalink
    I am probably getting this game from the BF Sale and would be down to join up. DM me and mention TA and the game.
  • LoximLoxim532,564
    Posted on 01 January 20 at 19:39Permalink
    Just got this game installed now myself. I will be looking for people as well for this. Message me anytime.
  • RengraveRengrave402,071
    Posted on 15 January 20 at 02:37Permalink
    Same here. I live on the US west coast and can play in the evenings (around 8pm - midnight or so). My character is somewhere in the mid to upper 40s.

    I joined a new cabal called *XForce. We only have 4 people, but they seem to be active. Hit me up for some co-op action.

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