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Hello i am VampirePanku, achievement madlad!

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    Ive found a new passion in playing more games thanks to GamePass and started strong back in Nov (racking up 8.6k cheeves last month....not too bad of a fresh start) . I hope to make great friends and feel free to add me as a friend. I need more on my dash.

    Wanting to 100% as much as I can!
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  • LvxLvx228,650
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    Welcome to TA, I'll send you a friend request. :)
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    Welcome to TA!
    If you need any help around the site, feel free to contact me or another of the site moderators!
    Snakes (https://www.instagram.com/medway_menagerie) & Bakes (https://www.instagram.com/bananabeanbakery)
  • Itchy BahookItchy Bahook201,630
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    Welcome to TA, friend request sent dance
    Greyhounds have incredibly itchy bahookies in the morning FACT
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