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Return of the Obra Dinn Walkthrough Discussion

  • Posted on 05 December 19 at 04:49Permalink
    Please use this thread to discuss the Return of the Obra Dinn walkthrough
  • NoHeroes94NoHeroes94541,196
    Posted on 08 December 19 at 21:58, Edited on 09 December 19 at 13:37 by NoHeroes94Permalink
    Overall a good WT. However, I found a noticeable error insofar that a lot of the end fates after doing "Captain Did It" are in completely the wrong order at the end (you mentioned "going through each page" which presumably means from start - finish). Had to resort to using another guide for the end, unfortunately.

    I presume you wrote them down in order of discovery, not the order they appear in the actual book...in the order of the book, which is what is specified in the walkthrough (left-right), the dates are out of order (although in the correct chapters). The fates aren't wrong in of themselves, but as there is no real way to know the order to correct it yourself, especially given the way you play the game via this WT. Even if I could I'd argue it defeats the point of a guide. If possible this needs to be changed ASAP.

    Long comment is more to be clear. The guide is good overall not trying to be harsh.
  • Posted on 13 January 20 at 02:56, Edited on 13 January 20 at 02:57 by SpiralOut46and2Permalink
    I just wanted to add agreement to NoHeroes94's comment above and say that this walkthrough is wrong. The whole last section is wrong and does not work. :(

    I just played and completed the game. Unfortunately, I just saw this comment and didn't know that the walkthrough was still incorrect, so after spending time redoing all (58, I think?) of the fate inputs a second time and seeing they still did not work, I then had to do it from another guide and remove all of the names and inputs for these, and put them in again. Basically, the error in this walkthrough nearly doubles the time it takes to play the game lol. 😬😅😌

    The walkthrough is good up to the point of unlocking the "Abandon Ship" achievement. After that point, when you open the book and start going page by page to enter the fates, and it says to enter them "in the exact order I specify, including from top to bottom for all of the pages that have more than one crew member on them," they are listed in the wrong order.

    I entered them all in the order specified in the walkthrough, and it says you should unlock a total of 13 achievements in the process. I only unlocked 3 of them.

    Otherwise, the walkthrough was a great help, and I appreciate the time and effort put into it very much. But agreeing with NoHeroes94, if possible this needs to be changed ASAP before more people play it with the information in the walkthrough and end up adding so much more time to the game by having to undo all of those fates and redo them again with another guide.

    Thank you so much. 🙇‍♀️👍
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