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Seeds of Evil DLC, Yay or Nay?

  • TymanTheLongTymanTheLong250,056
    Posted on 06 December 19 at 10:15Permalink
    I scanned some threads, most of the dlc discussion was related to buggy release issues.

    Presuming I liked the game, is the DLC enjoyable? Since I didn’t pay for the base game (Gamepass), I don’t mind shelling out a few bucks for dlc here and there, so long as it’s decent.
  • HieronimusHieronimus405,527
    Posted on 06 December 19 at 12:10Permalink
    I recently completed the DLC story and had zero bugs during the six or so hours it took me to reach the ending. Still have some side missions and collectibles to complete. The DLC plays basically the same as the base game, so if you enjoyed it and just want more content, you can do no wrong.

    You get one additional party member with new abilities, some new gear and new types of enemies, that will somewhat change how you approach each fight. Just don't expect some meaningful evolution of anything. The new weapons for example gave me zero reasons to use them, since I already had the best base weapons fully upgraded, which was more than enough.
  • Mysterio400Mysterio4001,003,692
    Posted on 06 December 19 at 21:47Permalink
    I liked the gameplay but did experience a bug where after beating the final fight
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    the ending cutscene didn't trigger and I was just stuck in the fight mode with nothing left to kill. Since I was doing it Iron Man I couldn't revert to an old save and just had to start again. Fortunately when you know where you're going it's a quick runthrough, maybe 1 hour and you only have to kill around 15 enemies to get back to the final area.

    Overall I'd give it a 3/5. If you liked the base game then it's an ok but short add-on, probably over priced by about $5 though.
  • TymanTheLongTymanTheLong250,056
    Posted on 07 December 19 at 01:58Permalink
    Thanks to both of you, sounds like about what I expected. It’s a bit pricey for DLC of the size you described but given I played the base game for “free-ish” it only bugs me a bit.

    I kind of expect that this may be how many games work in the future, free on Gamepass but with high quality DLC.
  • TymanTheLongTymanTheLong250,056
    Posted on 23 December 19 at 18:05Permalink
    Bought it, played it, felt it was fine, again, a tad pricey, I’ve paid $10 for similar DLCs in the past, but again, I didn’t have to pay for the base game.

    There really are a lot of new weapons, you can really change your play style between them and the hats. The buffs to Moth Wings and Corpse Eater we’re so ridiculously good I ended up just playing Bormin, Dux, and Farrow after playing the new character (sir moose, whatever his name was) for awhile. His stun is pretty good for a few hard pulls but overall he’s very underwhelming. The hats will probably shock you a bit when you see how powerful they are.

    Figured I should report back in case it helps someone else decide.
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