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Scene select

  • GrislyDinGrislyDin1,133,526
    Posted on 06 December 19 at 13:58, Edited on 06 December 19 at 14:18 by GrislyDinPermalink
    You can unlock the scene select at any point (it unlocks automatically when you complete the game).

    Pause the game and select the credits.

    Use the left analogue stick to input the directions.


    Left, Right, Left bumper, Right bumper, Up, Up, Down, Left, Right bumper, A.

    Left bumper
    Right bumper
    Right bumper

    It doesn't void cheevs, I loaded up the intermission after stage 3 and unlocked a bunch of misc cheevs and one story cheev by playing through it.
  • AlphaDarkWolf84AlphaDarkWolf841,520,691
    Posted on 07 December 19 at 02:44Permalink
    I can confirm that this works to get all achievements.
  • Mr YacMr Yac557,181
    Posted on 07 December 19 at 11:37Permalink
    thanks, I missed the chain lighting on the first try and the game kept glitching out on me during the earth song so I can't actually get to the end. so this helped quite a bit.
  • Casino83Casino833,245,364
    Posted on 07 December 19 at 13:59, Edited on 07 December 19 at 14:06 by Casino83Permalink
    Thanks I missed the chain cheevo too, and the game glitched to me at the end as well. Now I can complete it.
  • Posted on 07 December 19 at 18:16Permalink
    Hello. Using the scene select. How long/hard would this game be?

    Any Hints or tips? Thanks! smile
  • RobertOrriRobertOrri229,830
  • Mr YacMr Yac557,181
    Posted on 07 December 19 at 19:43Permalink
    that's good, i'd like to see how it all turns out (and yes I know the internet is a thing)
  • Posted on 08 December 19 at 03:19Permalink
    Awesome! Thanks Heaps! toast
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