Game Discussion: Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Chronicler achievement

  • HieronimusHieronimus405,527
    Posted on 06 December 19 at 14:25, Edited on 06 December 19 at 16:42 by HieronimusPermalink
    So I completed the story and got all collectibles in the DLC. I started the playthrough of the DLC with preset characters and stuff since I did not want to play on Iron Man Very Hard. Now it say I am missing a bunch of notes, which must be in the base game content. Does it mean, that I have to go to every location again or is there a way to check which ones I am missing?

    Having the same problems with artifacts but there seems to be only one missing from the base game, that I haven't collected in the DLC save.

    Edit: Ok, so I managed to find all artifacts and notes from the base game maps. Really wondering, if this was completely random, since I found them in different locations and I'm pretty sure that I picked some of them up in earlier playtroughs. So this does not seem to be based on one of the earlier save files I had.
  • Mysterio400Mysterio4001,003,692
    Posted on 06 December 19 at 21:41, Edited on 06 December 19 at 21:48 by Mysterio400Permalink
    I had to go back too, was missing about 6 or 7 notes from the base game. Most of them were in Eden (the final area).
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