Game Discussion: Microsoft Sudoku

Complete 500 games

  • Posted on 18 December 19 at 09:02Permalink
    Has anyone had their progress reset? I'm sure we had 50 or so games but when we logged in today on a different phone while the other was charging, everything carried across but the progress towards that reward is now 5!

    Could be the obvious switch from one phone to the other but seeing as everything else carried across including the awards for 3/5 games beaten on hard etc, I don't see why this reset.
  • RhinneRhinne930,060
    Posted on 19 December 19 at 08:58Permalink
    I've noticed some inconsistencies if I changed from my iPad to my iPhone.

    On one device I was a couple of levels higher and had more daily challenges completed compared to the other, so it looks like device syncing is a little inconsistent.

    I've decided to just stick with one device from now on to avoid any issues.
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