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Achievements not unlocking

  • SpiderPgSpiderPg230,928
    Posted on 18 December 19 at 11:43Permalink
    So I started episode one before the update and completed a couple of chapters and got the achievements for doing so and continued the game after the new update but after finishing episode one and getting half way through episode two I noticed that no achievements have unlocked. Is anyone else having this issue?
  • Sazaq213Sazaq213226,674
    Posted on 19 December 19 at 14:01Permalink

    personally I started the game today I did several chapters of episode 1 and I didn't unlock anything.
  • A CopyCat174A CopyCat174173,622
    Posted on 20 December 19 at 17:03Permalink
    I played Episode 4 and don´t got any achievements. Then i played the beginning again and no, not a single achievement. What the Heck? facepalm
  • ShinnizleShinnizle826,361
  • SpiderPgSpiderPg230,928
    Posted on 20 December 19 at 19:52Permalink
    Here’s the response I got from telltale support

    We have received multiple reports of this issue and our developers are looking into it now.

    Unfortunately with the holidays coming up we don't have a time frame for when a fix will be applied.

    Thank you for letting us know and for your patience and understanding!
  • Sazaq213Sazaq213226,674
    Posted on 20 December 19 at 20:24Permalink
    thank you for forwarding their responses SpiderPg
  • Sazaq213Sazaq213226,674
    Posted on 09 January 20 at 12:59Permalink

    Update is available successes are unlockable again
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