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The 19 Quickest Game Completions from the latest Xbox Sales

  • Posted on 22 December 19 at 05:43Permalink
    was thinking about Transference but $7.50 I feel is too much just for a little under an hour for 1,000G, if it was like $5 then maybe I'd get it but sadly not yet, if it ever does go cheaper or GwG for some reason I'll definitely grab it and complete it quick
    Posted on 26 December 19 at 17:04Permalink
    DarkKnightKefka said:
    Throni360 said:
    Smudgenat0r said:
    Anyone know how hard these ACA NEOGEOs are? I might pick them up if they're not too crazy.
    Samurai Shodown 2 is the easiest one. Zed Blade gave me trouble and I have not completed it yet. KoF 95 looks easy enough. Going to buy it.
    Samurai showdown 2 was fairly easy with the guide(some skill required). Zed blade super easy with the guide. Took a little over an hour.
    I'm a ACA NEOGEO freak so I love to go through the games finding the best ans easiest solution as possible. I have a YouTube channel which I post some videos with solutions (in Portuguese), but despite the language you can see what I'm doing. Zen Blade is pretty much straight forward and easy to get 1000G. You can check on the video below how to go through the stages without dying and using the special (A button) on the right time.
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