Game Discussion: Jurassic World Evolution

Biological Preserve wont unlock

  • Posted on 26 December 19 at 14:51Permalink
    Anyone know what the trick is with this Achievement? I’ve gotten a shot of T-Rex fighting Indominus and it’s worth well over $100k but the Achievement won’t unlock even if I redo the photo after quitting out and doing a hard reset of my console.
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  • grzesiekchgrzesiekch124,658
    Posted on 30 December 19 at 22:28Permalink
    this game has nightmares. I will not achieve the achievement: "Unlock Nublar Island", although I play on this island. Once again, I played Matanceros and reached 4 stars, but I'm also not jumped in and out, although in the game I write that the island of Nublar is unlocked. Resetting the console does not help. Someone can advise what to do with this broken game?
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