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Unobtainable achievement

  • Lorde VarunaLorde Varuna182,683
    Posted on 28 December 19 at 11:58
    Hey guys, so as it was already pointed out, this game has an unobtainable achievement. I really liked this game, so it pains me to not be able to complete it.

    So I left some messages for the publisher of the game "Toplitz" at Twitter, Discord and throught their website. If you guys can help me out in this task, I'd be much appreciated.
  • Lorde VarunaLorde Varuna182,683
    Posted on 09 January 20 at 16:46
    I got an answer from them, they said they intend to fix it.
  • Xx Phatryda xXXx Phatryda xX1,289,728
    Posted on 10 January 20 at 00:41
    Thanks Lorde. I sent them an email 11/24 but never received a response.
  • Posted on 22 March 20 at 18:11
    im assuming it was never fixed
  • Von Addams GVon Addams G328,237
    Posted on 06 May 20 at 14:33
    they fixed the achievement .
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