Game Discussion: DiRT 2 (PC)

Selling this game, Factory sealed

  • DEEJUNEDEEJUNE169,865 169,865 GamerScore
    Posted on 01 January 20 at 01:04
    Contact me for price and shipping quote. Pay thru PayPal. Located in USA and Canada (I have two home addresses). Worldwide shipping.

    Again, it's a physical copy thats still sealed in the plastic.
    100%.. Or atleast I try.
  • Posted on 26 September 20 at 10:34
    how much would u sell it for
  • CrysisWarXX3CrysisWarXX3562,104
    Posted on 02 December 20 at 19:41
    Thegeek1994 said:
    how much would u sell it for
    He already sold it.
  • RegeRege627,442
    Posted on 09 February 21 at 09:48
    If you want the time stamps on your achievements you usually buy this game on eBay brand new, but the price is very high, more than 40 £. If you you're not bothered by this you can buy it preowned from amazon for around 10 £.
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