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Game hangs on loading screen

  • Algarve6775Algarve6775518,328
    Posted on 19 March 20 at 12:07Permalink
    Well, I'm having the same problem now. But I used the time/date change and after that it starts making problems. If I log in with my dummy account it works and with my normal account it don't. Any suggestions ?
  • Posted on 14 April 20 at 14:01Permalink
    I am now having the same problem
  • BlasstokBlasstok232,607
    Posted on 14 April 20 at 14:28Permalink
    I’m unable to login for almost one week now. Tried to play in my account on 2 different iOS devices and on 2 different Android devices as well.
  • Algarve6775Algarve6775518,328
    Posted on 15 April 20 at 17:53Permalink
    Did you guys use the date trick ??? Because it happened after I used and went into future for bronze.
  • Posted on 16 April 20 at 03:02Permalink
    Wondering if we got banned for time manipulation...
  • Algarve6775Algarve6775518,328
    Posted on 16 April 20 at 12:10, Edited on 16 April 20 at 12:13 by Algarve6775Permalink
    I wrote to the developers, but got no response till now. I don't think we got banned for that, because it happens once that I was able to log in after 2 week, but with wrong level and statistics. I went till 31 of may 2020 and I'm looking on this date if it logs on again. I hope so.
  • Posted on 17 April 20 at 13:48Permalink
    Same here. Sent email to support, and no response.
  • BlasstokBlasstok232,607
    Posted on 17 April 20 at 16:49Permalink
    Algarve6775 said:
    Did you guys use the date trick ??? Because it happened after I used and went into future for bronze.
    I didn’t.
  • Erik n0nErik n0n165,223
    Posted on 28 April 20 at 23:06Permalink
    I'm still not able to go back in time, but I've gone forward and it is possible to go forward through July as of right now. August and beyond is not possible as of today, guess they are putting in a quarter at a time.
  • TophertaniumTophertanium439,881
    Posted on 22 May 20 at 16:54Permalink
    I am on iOS in the US and now running into this issue. I have done the date trick to do all May and June of the previous year.

    Then I noticed that I had not done January of 2020 (started playing in February). When I did the date trick and set it to January 31st to do the daily challenges, it took a little long to load. Previously, I had noticed it would take longer to load previous months. When it finally loaded, I was reset to level 1 (from 103).

    I closed the app, tried to relaunch. Stuck on loading screen. I deleted and reinstalled the app. Still stuck on the loading screen.

    Anyone found a solution to this yet?
  • Algarve6775Algarve6775518,328
    Posted on 18 June 20 at 13:21Permalink
    Yesterday they released an update for the Android. But I'm still not coming in. And the Devs are not responding at all. I'm thinking they banned my account or my data is corrupted in the cloud. Does anyone know how if it is possible that Microsoft deletes a save from the cloud ??? On android I can't find a function for this.
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