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Achievements not popping

  • dakisbacdakisbac750,926
    Posted on 01 January 20 at 23:50Permalink
    I guess this post is both a question and a warning.

    I recently completed all my bronze/silver/gold achievements and none of those have popped. I did notice when I first did the perfection achievement in December that the achievement didn't pop when I had changed the date to Dec 31, but only after switching back to the current date (which was Dec 18 or so at the time). I figured it would be the same for these: meet the requirements and then complete another challenge on the current day and they would pop. At this point they are unlocked in-app in the "awards" section, so I'm not sure how to re-trigger them for the Xbox achievement.

    My best guess is that I can pop them by doing one more bronze/silver/gold without changing the date settings, but I'll have to wait until May to verify this. Does anyone who has done these Microsoft casual games and messed with the date have any idea?
  • TangerineGamerTangerineGamer1,287,010
    Posted on 02 January 20 at 01:19Permalink
    Had this issue, change the date to a day this month you haven't done a challenge for and do one, got mine to pop in the xbox app after I did that. Like yours they had previously shown as unlocked on the awards screen
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