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Xbox One Last Chance Sale

  • EazyE2285EazyE2285620,065
    Posted on 05 January 20 at 02:21
    So anything else crazy worth here other than Wild Hunt DLC? Might grab it and Ancestors shortly
  • Posted on 05 January 20 at 04:41
    Since everything is going to just age, get cheaper, and/or be put on Game Pass, how is this the Last CHANCE!?AHHHH!!! sale?

  • Posted on 05 January 20 at 04:43
    Elite1111111111 said:
    "Last Chance"

    Yeah... wouldn't want to miss GTAV laugh
  • Posted on 05 January 20 at 11:11
    Seriously tempted by Resident Evil 2 Deluxe Edition at that price.

    But I have a backlog of a few games, so decisions, decisions.
  • Posted on 05 January 20 at 14:51
    Dakrkplayer2 said:
    What the easy completes in this one?
    Black the Fall is about 1 or 2, Forgotten Anne about 5 or 6 hours, and Murdered: Soul Suspect is about 8 to 10 hours and are all very good. Nothing else really, not a good sale for easy games.
  • Kyk3 StylesKyk3 Styles518,409
    Posted on 05 January 20 at 17:59
    Nothing for me!!!!wave
  • Posted on 06 January 20 at 07:03, Edited on 06 January 20 at 07:05 by BigDaddy Kratos
    I'm wondering and hoping RE6 will be on game pass as 4 and 5 were.

    None of those prices are particularly compelling. Steam always has the best sales. Xbox sales are always along the tag line of "up to (65-75)% off". But most of the stuff you would want to get is only about 25 to 30% off. So where's the motivation.
  • halohogghalohogg117,342
    Posted on 06 January 20 at 12:53
    M4DE IN W4LE5 said:
    I think im getting jaded . Very little excites me lol
    OK ... but what did you think of the sale? wink
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