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For Seven Tier! verified discontinued achievement.

  • Posted on 09 January 20 at 22:08
    Natsuki ChroniclesSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Natsuki Chronicles worth 265 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    To be real truthful, nobody can unlock this achievement if they are from the USA because of Training 2: Advanced on Extreme. That stage cannot be completed under all circumstances.
  • Slayer ReigningSlayer Reigning1,887,229
    Posted on 09 January 20 at 23:30
    If you are bad at the game, doesnt mean its discontinued.

    But now your Reign is over / And it's all up to me / I'm gonna show you what I mean
  • Posted on 10 January 20 at 02:50
    Why do you keep posting this! facepalm
  • LvxLvx284,744
    Posted on 10 January 20 at 10:01
    What is happening here lol
  • Clad masterClad master2,943,805
    Posted on 24 January 20 at 15:24
    You made my day ! laugh
  • NeoStrayCatNeoStrayCat253,229
    Posted on 21 September 20 at 04:28
    Man, this dumbass, lol. Not unless its the same dude that used to be on other places that I go to and trolls the STG community mentioning impossible achievements no one can do and tries to say its discountinued, when TA actually tracks achs. properly.

    Secondly, the guy doesn't even have the game, lol. (Which is a big red flag to just lie) And third, that's just racist for saying people in the US can't get this ach. when other users (regardless of region) already got it. News flash TP, people can prove you wrong, lol.
    The Alternate Truth is Yet to be Found!
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