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Red Bow Achievement List Revealed

  • Dyet1300Dyet1300473,158
    Posted on 14 January 20 at 21:31, Edited on 14 January 20 at 21:32 by Dyet1300Permalink
    More achievements than Ratalaika's usual lists.
  • reforc3reforc3744,759
    Posted on 14 January 20 at 21:38Permalink
    Is this a My big sister sequel?
    Posted on 14 January 20 at 21:39Permalink
    Looks like a Zelda style top down RPG from the gameplay vids. Might take a while longer for the usual completion and 100% walkthrough.
    Too much work, not enough games
  • Posted on 14 January 20 at 21:40Permalink
    When I first saw the article title I thought of the game series Fran Bow. The girl even looks similar.
  • DaMurnDaMurn377,262
    Posted on 14 January 20 at 22:26Permalink
    reforc3 said:
    Is this a My big sister sequel?
    Same developer, so seems likely.
  • SpirochaeteSpirochaete1,549,383
    Posted on 14 January 20 at 22:38Permalink

    I've been missing the Ratalaikas since the weekly ones stopped.

    and honestly, their adventure/point & click titles are enjoyable stories
    (and even better with a walkthru)
  • Posted on 14 January 20 at 22:58Permalink
    Awesome, I love these freaky Stranga games.
  • SangriazSangriaz2,707,678
    Posted on 14 January 20 at 23:27Permalink
    I will try to answer the above questions raised.

    It's same developer to My Big Sister and Just Ignore Them, but not direct sequel of either game. Each playthrough is about 20 minutes long if you just skip through the dialogue. Depending on your reading speed, it might be like 2 hours if you do read it all. Since there are achievements for bad, normal, and good ending. 3 full playthroughs are required. (Possible to cut it down to 2 using save manipulation.)

    After learning how to unlock all of the achievements, I was able to complete the game in 40 minutes from 0G to 1000G. Here's the video walkthrough I put together. The video is 24 minutes long because I do not show the bad ending playthrough. That playthrough should be about 15 minutes long as you rush through it.
  • TheBongoFuryTheBongoFury569,570
    Posted on 15 January 20 at 00:07Permalink
    Ratalaika is a publisher, not a developer. A very big difference!
  • Death and GloryDeath and Glory1,471,698
  • Posted on 15 January 20 at 08:51Permalink
    Yes day one for me from my understanding they 10 new games reason for delay was they have to game approved by xbox? A friend was telling me.
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