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Videos STILL Not Working

  • stebeer85stebeer85461,916
    Posted on 17 January 20 at 15:54Permalink
    "This video is not available due to copywrite restrictions". I get this msg every time I try to play a solution Video, All last year had other issues with videos not playing and this year a WHOLE 1 year later the problem still exists, TA have not replied to any concerns regarding this matter directly to me or any off the previous posts. So not sure what else to do, I just find it rude admin answers questions or at least looks in to the matters off other posts but nothing to do with issues of this matter. It seems they really don't have a clue on how to fix the problem and in that regard do not comment on any posts regarding this issue thinking users will give up, We'll done TA you Win this is my last msg on this matter, I have had enough. BTW Happy 2020 👎
  • Posted on 10 March 20 at 10:44Permalink
    Unfortunately we have no current way to fix this.

    Microsoft no longer support the platform that the app was written on so we cannot publish an update.

    We've been discussing options with Xbox for some time, and the only one is for us to completely rewrite the app on a new platform, then go through certification, but if we do that we lose all of the app achievements completely.

    It will also be a compulsory update for anyone with the app. And given the focus we have on achievements as a site, to make all of app achievements discontinued seems like a worse option to us right now.
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