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TrueAchievements Players of the Decade

  • lucas1987lucas19872,396,700
    Posted on 26 January 20 at 11:17Permalink
    benveg said:
    RedmptionDenied 341K TA in a month shock
    But why does he stacks to unlock all in December?
  • JimbotUKJimbotUK1,416,077
    Posted on 26 January 20 at 11:26Permalink
    EazyE2285 said:
    I'd be interested to see another showing who had the highest day/month/year of this decade.

    Anyone beat these fellas shown here?
    Day: RedmptionDenied - 21,840
    Month: RedmptionDenied - 220,055
    Year: SDREW44 - 398,494

    I know I've read about someone doing 40k or something in a day
    LausDomini did 69k Gamerscore in a day. You can check it out here LausDomini's blog post - 69,154 Gamerscore Gained in a Single Day

    He has some other interesting blogs well worth reading. I did 89k TA Score in a day but I think he just topped me on that stat as well.
  • Posted on 26 January 20 at 14:31Permalink
    what happened to celtic force
  • vSullyvSully831,734
    Posted on 26 January 20 at 14:53Permalink
    RichRichie1989 said:
    what happened to celtic force
    I saw a post where an unconfirmed source claimed that he was hospitalized and then died last year.

    There has been no official confirmation that I'm aware of.
  • Posted on 26 January 20 at 15:34Permalink
    Honestly the wildest thing about these stats to me are two of the five shown, in just one month, amassed more gamer score than me in 5 years.

    Nothing but respect for these gamers ✊
    Posted on 27 January 20 at 01:08Permalink
    Was not even aware of Celtic, the only gamers I've even loosely followed is smrnov and Stallion. RIP Gamerscore Legend.
  • Posted on 27 January 20 at 19:51Permalink
    220k+ gs in 1 month by Redmption Denied!!! I'm in pain, I need help!
    The universe contains Protons, Electrons, Neurons and Morons.
  • SkarviTSkarviT123,299
    Posted on 06 February 20 at 16:02Permalink
    Inspector Adam said:
    220k+ gs in 1 month by Redmption Denied!!! I'm in pain, I need help!
  • NetechmaNetechma163,821
    Posted on 14 February 20 at 13:53Permalink
    I read about Celtic, that's sad to hear. I didn't know him but recognized the name from seeing it on the homepage all the time.
    If anyone reading knew him please know his accomplishments were valued by us and very few will come close. My condolences to any loved ones.
    War...war never changes.
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