Game Discussion: Peter Jackson's King Kong

The price of this game

  • DEEJUNEDEEJUNE138,920 138,920 GamerScore
    Posted on 26 January 20 at 12:54
    I was checking out Price charting for Xbox 360 games when I noticed this game snuck up on value. Here in Canada land this game is selling for about 40 bucks! Wtf!!

    This game used to be dime a dozen at my local pawn shops.

    What gives??
    100%.. Or atleast I try.
  • New ParalyzerNew Paralyzer1,014,616
    Posted on 26 January 20 at 15:54, Edited on 26 January 20 at 15:55 by New Paralyzer
    Game is backwards and is an easy list. It was also delisted digitally.

    It's possible our fellow peers are raising the price on eBay and of it's getting harder to find then people start raising the price assuming there's a value in it's rarity.
  • kabobleskabobles595,965
    Posted on 17 June 20 at 10:54
    I just want to get myself a copy to upgrade from my original Xbox version. Had lots of fun with it as a kid, too bad it's going to be hard to find for a fair price
  • Ar0nP1aYz05Ar0nP1aYz05214,506
    Posted on 18 July 20 at 03:31
    So annoying, I see it at 40-60 dollars at eBay, TOO OVERPRICED, I get it that it’s a rare game but I need this 1000G!!!
    Aron Franks
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