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1000G a day for a year!

  • GaZ LoLGaZ LoL973,883
    Posted on 04 February 20 at 18:24Permalink
    So on January 1st after much planning I started playing through a list of games I had yet to play on my main account with the goal of getting atleast 1000G a day for all of 2020.

    With one month done and a schedule that I can almost always stick to now without my actual job getting in the way, I'm trying to advertise myself a bit more xD

    So if anybody would like to drop by at any point to see a potentially easy game or just like seeing achievements unlock come check me out at or even just a follow would greatly help me out :-)

    All my stream times are UK time but should usually be live the following times:
    Monday - 12pm (Noon)
    Tuesday - 12pm (Noon)
    Wednesday - 10pm (Typically the new Ratalaika game)
    Thursday - 10pm
    Friday - 7pm (Earlier when new releases come out)
    Saturday - 7pm
    Sunday - 10pm

    I post on twitter when I'm about to go live each day and will notify of any changes there if need be, which is just GaZLoL

    Hope to see you all sometime, if not, thanks for reading and wish me luck xD
  • Itchy BahookItchy Bahook201,630
    Posted on 11 February 20 at 06:02Permalink
    Good luck, great idea 1000g a day, will try to pop along today claptoast
    Greyhounds have incredibly itchy bahookies in the morning FACT
    Posted on 11 February 20 at 15:15Permalink
    Goodbye ratio! laugh

    Just kidding - good luck dude!
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