Game Discussion: Minesweeper Genius

Tip for marking bombs

  • WozzbyWozzby990,690
    Posted on 09 February 20 at 19:33, Edited on 09 February 20 at 19:34 by Wozzby
    Not that this game is terribly hard to begin with, but I just wanted to share a little trick I picked up on while playing. Since the game requires you to follow a specific path on each level from start to finish, you can determine additional bomb locations by the paths you didn't take.

    For example, if you're standing on a square that allows you to move up, right, or down, and you correctly move downwards, then the squares that were above, and to the right of that square must have bombs. Using this trick helped immensely for the achievements where you can't let Ari fall asleep.
  • LukeMcC1991LukeMcC1991370,904
    Posted on 11 February 20 at 07:01
    Thanks for the tips, I just noticed this as well. I might have a tough time with the sleep ones but will cross that bridge when I get there
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