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Nothing to declare Achievements and savegame

  • IllCl0wnIllCl0wn244,510
    Posted on 10 February 20 at 10:49Permalink
    Hi Everyone. I need some info from who has done it. This achievement unlocks also with the Supersport TT win?
    The game saves between Supersport and Superbike event? Is impossible for me to do both in the same time, needed more than 4 hour for the practice and race (1+4+2+6=13 lap at about 20 minutes at lap).
    Could someone explain it? It's a missable achievement and take so long, and is my next event. Thanks!
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    I'm not entirely sure what you're asking here, but the game saves everytime you complete a sector. So you can leave and come back if needed. Which is something you should do anytime you wreck as you can then go back in before you crash to try and avoid doing the same mistake again to save time. Though be warned that sometimes in loading back in, the game will give you control of your bike and just decide it doesn't like you and force you to crash despite any inputs you give it, though it is still worth a try. To do this you just need to pause the game, quit to main menu, and then go right back into the career and resume the race. Also, if you lose the event or just want to restart, you can still restart and the game will then save its state at the very beginning of the current race you are on

    The times you're aiming to beat are a 76 min for the Supersport and a 110 for the Superbikes.
    Let's Go!
  • IllCl0wnIllCl0wn244,510
    Posted on 12 February 20 at 14:54Permalink
    Thank you so much for the explanation.
    I've asked it because i've got an issue during an invitational event. The game closes at 3/5 laps and get to the dashboard, when i loaded up again took me to the next event like i've done it, losing it or passed it away (no fan added).
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