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Xbox Online games that give Achievement to both players.

  • Posted on 10 February 20 at 21:40Permalink
    Hello all.
    I am looking to find some more games to play with my partner. She does not live with me and we both like to get achievements.
    We played Cel Danage HD and realised it gave us both the progression on the relevant Achievemtns. We then went to play Yet another Zombie Defence Game HD and this only gave to the host.
    Is there any games that we can play together and work together for achievement for both accounts.
    All help is appreciated.
  • SighrisSighris1,574,199
    Posted on 10 February 20 at 23:34Permalink
    A way out, Human fall flat, we were here, we were here too.
  • Posted on 11 February 20 at 02:22Permalink
    So we are talking full co-op all Achievements? BUT it has to be online NO local co-op ... Okay I gotta think...

    I love those myself but they are pretty rare.

    The Saints Row Series (Not the First game) is a good pick

    Resident Evil 5 and 6 is another good choice

    Too Human is another one but do yourself a favor and don't. Worst game in history. I'll play ET and Desert Bus till my eyes bleed than play that BS again..... You had to do the Well's in Single Player too and that was like the only thing in single player you had to do .... What trash....

    Conan exiles I believe is another one. You need a co-op partner for that one.

    Um Castle Crashers should be another one
  • SkarviTSkarviT123,299
    Posted on 11 February 20 at 15:45Permalink
    Saints Row 3 and 4 have discontinued achievements
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