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Mobile mode game achievements list ratio

  • secretspy911secretspy911257,725
    Posted on 14 February 20 at 19:52Permalink
    Since the new site big update there is now a mobile mode that I love. But one of the things I really like to do before starting a new game is looking at a game achievements list and go over the ratio to give me an idea of the hardest achievements of the game.

    The mobile mode still has the progress bar showing % of players who got it but we don't see the ratio as we do in the desktop mode. This is a huge deal for me and have to go back to desktop mode for that reason.

    Would it be possible to also show achievements ratio on mobile mode?

  • Johnny SinisterJohnny Sinister1,060,829
    Posted on 14 February 20 at 19:58Permalink
    It is still there in mobile mode, but only when you turn the device to landscape view. There is actually a lot of info that doesn't show until you turn your device.

    This is one of the big reasons I just stick to desktop mode.
  • secretspy911secretspy911257,725
    Posted on 14 February 20 at 20:01Permalink
    Wow you're right I didn't know that. Beats having to switch to desktop mode.

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