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Here To Help Achievement Clan

  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 22 February 20 at 19:14
    oh maybe so.. will see..
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 25 February 20 at 14:53
    its fixed!
  • IcyThrasherIcyThrasher1,313,572
    Posted on 26 February 20 at 00:25
    Yessss. Now we just need to work on getting the clan to higher ranks and for more participation in requesting common cards for max donations.
  • Iggsy81Iggsy81705,252
    Posted on 26 February 20 at 09:26
    YEah soon as i loaded it up post-patch i got the 100 support achievement so kudos to them for fixing it.
    it can't possibly be more boring than FIFA, to be fair
  • Iggsy81Iggsy81705,252
    Posted on 27 February 20 at 09:53
    Oh dear, the support ranks reset again, is the achievement thing in game - the glad to help ach_desc_3000105 - is that rising for anyone still?
  • IcyThrasherIcyThrasher1,313,572
    Posted on 27 February 20 at 13:53
    Iggsy81 said:
    Oh dear, the support ranks reset again, is the achievement thing in game - the glad to help ach_desc_3000105 - is that rising for anyone still?
    Yeah, that seems to still be going up for me, so we should be good for the 1000. At this point, I am worried that once we get to 1000, we will have to start back at 0 for 5000.

    The wins didn't seem to restart us to 0 but those are tracked in our profile. I don't see anywhere our donations are tracked, other than the support rank which seems to reset every week Wed at midnight. Which, I know once they put that red gem tracker in, they just took the current support rank. So we lost what we had before the first reset.
  • Iggsy81Iggsy81705,252
    Posted on 27 March 20 at 08:50
    Icy there is way tooo much deadweight in this squad, remove anyone who requests hero cards, open it up, make the rules clear, make more admins, it is falling apart and ppl are leaving cos they can't donate anymore, it's a mess. Nobody should ever, ever request a single hero card and if they do, auto-kick
    Posted on 29 March 20 at 13:20
    Yes, I'm finally joined! clap
    Anyway, my apologies because I requested an hero card instead of common card but couldn't undo it. I've plenty of common card to request next time.
  • JimbotUKJimbotUK3,715,850
    Posted on 31 August 20 at 04:34
    Are people still working on this? If someone could make a space for me in the squad that would be sweet!
  • Oriole2682Oriole26825,286,216
    Posted on 16 October 20 at 17:52
    There are a bunch of open spots "here to help achieve"
  • Was I That BadWas I That Bad1,737,890
    Posted on 31 December 20 at 01:31
    The current admins don’t appear to be bothered to kick anymore I’ve offered to do it but they ignore messages about giving admin rights.
  • BROOKER 513BROOKER 513697,374
    Posted on 01 February 21 at 15:08, Edited on 26 May 21 at 19:52 by BROOKER 513
    I am an admin now since your last post and have been kicking ppl who don't follow the guidelines set.

    Bronze troop cards requesting only.
    No triple requesting a troop card that is already queued for donation.
    Be active, more than a week away, booted.
    Fame Points are set at 400.

    Any inquiries or requests to join please post here or PM directly.
  • eLiTeMC251eLiTeMC2512,206,770
    Posted on 10 March 21 at 15:23
    I sent a request today
    If you are reading this than you must be interested in what it has to say. Sorry to dissappint you.
  • Posted on 11 January 22 at 15:04
    I applied to join today as long as this is still active
  • BazingatorBazingator2,725,938
    Posted on 18 June 22 at 04:11, Edited on 18 June 22 at 04:12 by Bazingator
    For anyone that is wondering, we currently have about 13 active members and will happily accept more.
    Posted on 03 December 22 at 10:32
    any clan active daily? for the achievement 5000 units
  • Oriole2682Oriole26825,286,216
    Posted on 19 February 23 at 21:30
    I've sent a message out to a higher up. he has accepted everyone and will be posting in here soon.
    All Hail Xitilon!!!
  • mystmagimystmagi3,125,412
    Posted on 19 February 23 at 21:32
    ShazamFTW said:
    Echoing the above request. The Here To Help clan still exists but it appears most of its ruling class is long gone. If anyone has a clan that's doing anything, please let me know, msg me on here.
    @ShazamFTW, I've just approved your request to join.

    Haven't finished the game myself just yet (just wins left) but If anyone is looking to join, just message me here on TA and as long as I'm still in the clan I'll log in and approve. I don't know the status of the other higher ranking members.
  • ShazamFTWShazamFTW1,672,633
    Posted on 20 February 23 at 03:40
    Thank you good sir!
  • acedawg4acedawg43,002,408
    Posted on 20 February 23 at 22:35
    Request to join please
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