Game Discussion: Xeno Crisis

Xeno Crisis Flag Changes

  • Information
    Posted on 17 February 20 at 07:19
    The Unobtainable flag has been removed from the following achievements:
    Xeno CrisisNO-ONE LEFT BEHINDThe NO-ONE LEFT BEHIND achievement in Xeno Crisis worth 41 pointsRESCUE ALL HOSTAGES IN A SINGLE GAME
    Xeno CrisisMAXED OUTThe MAXED OUT achievement in Xeno Crisis worth 74 pointsMAX OUT ALL OF YOUR STATS
  • VacouVacou341,997
    Posted on 10 November 20 at 22:49
    Could you please change all 'Cooperative' and 'Versus' achievements from 'Online/Offline' to just 'Offline'? This game only supports local co-op. Thanks in advace.
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