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Weekend debate: Will Games with Gold get phased out for Xbox Game Pass?

  • CanezzaCanezza220,643
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 22 February 20 at 16:04, Edited on 22 February 20 at 16:06 by
    On PS4, too, old games are distributed.
    I am interested in any games with Gold.
    One of the disadvantages of a Game Pass is the lack of DLC. You have to buy games with DLC even if they are in the Game Pass.
  • BIG ChromerBIG Chromer557,390
    Posted on 22 February 20 at 16:04
    I think although you are correct, it will be phased out, it won't happen perhaps till nearer the Series X launch, with focus then switching to providing great games on Gamepass for all the consoles and PC. I always thought it somewhat inevitable with the 360 games being guaranteed backwards compat, and them no longer adding games to that programme for now, that the death of Games with gold would happen. So here we are!

    The games haven't been great sure, but I still download them, never know when you might want to try a game, and for free I can't really lose to be honest!
  • jasonlc3221jasonlc32211,165,449
    Posted on 22 February 20 at 16:06
    Two different services, they aren't really that similar, other than the fact that MS now obscures the difference by bundling the two together with Game Pass Ultimate. It could be possible that GPU is the next step to eliminating GwG, but I don't feel they will. I think Phil knows that ppl still see value in GwG on its own. Besides, this is MS's chance to out-do Sony by offering more games each month than Sony.
  • BlackxRyanBlackxRyan968,507
    Posted on 22 February 20 at 16:06
    For sure they will stop the program for the 360 games.
  • pukem0nnpukem0nn283,739
    Posted on 22 February 20 at 16:06
    only Game with Gold i downloaded and played in the last few years was Hitman season 1.
  • Posted on 22 February 20 at 16:06
  • imaidiot19imaidiot191,621,503
    Posted on 22 February 20 at 16:07, Edited on 22 February 20 at 16:07 by imaidiot19
    I love free games. And they will continue GwG as long as Sony does. No way they would take away from their service when the competition has higher sales. They will likely improve upon it, if anything.

    Telltale Games0 said:
    I agree...i think.
    Yes, I know I am.
  • Posted on 22 February 20 at 16:11, Edited on 22 February 20 at 16:17 by JakeOfA1lTrades
    Games are games to me. It could be title I could have never heard of, but I’m not going to immediately say it’s a terrible choice. I’ll probably play it at some point, when I’m not bogged down by backlog.

    With that said I hope it does not get phased out. While it might not be AAA quality games every month, it’s still a very pro-consumer service that has provided many games for free for you to own. It’s that distinction from Game Pass that still makes it viable. While games may leave Game Pass, the GwG games you’ve downloaded will not.

    I think it’s possible we might see a revival in the quantity of quality GwG games with the coming of the new generation. While they might be older AAA games at that point, I think it might be enough to revitalize interest in GwG.

    Edit: for clarification for the last section, I’m saying that some older, bigger titles from this generation might find their place in GwG when XSX is launched, since this could help incentivize people who don’t have an Xbox to get one as they’ll basically have more games to play if they join the service.
  • ccliffy90ccliffy901,536,635
    Posted on 22 February 20 at 16:11
    I wouldn’t be upset, I think off the top of my head I’ve only downloaded about 5 games in the last 2 and a half years, and think gone home is the only one I’ve played. I can’t remember ever thinking “oh great can’t wait to download that” ever.

    Game pass I have with day one games and the service is a lot better. Concentrate on this and with the constant 1 quid for a month it still a”steal” really
  • pradDIABLOpradDIABLO280,022
    Posted on 22 February 20 at 16:12
    As 360 games are getting over, I think they would shift to this model
    Every month: 2 XBOX One games to own
    Every month: 2 XBOX One games to play (until end of the month)
  • AhayzoAhayzo1,500,792
    Posted on 22 February 20 at 16:13
    I'd be fine if they did, if it came with an increase in licensing lengths for Game Pass and quality of games. Not that Game Pass has a quality issue, but if you're going to kill a perk as notable as 4 free games every month, I'd hope that Game Pass would do something to actively adjust for it.

    That said, I don't see it happening this gen, and I don't think it will even happen next gen unless Sony kills their IGC program.
    #mentallypudding The artist formerly known as alklein92201
  • SeitzzSeitzz1,098,065
    Posted on 22 February 20 at 16:21
    I certainly wouldn't mind if they kept it running. Having access to all those xbox one games and owning the 360 titles is nice.
  • james765james765591,334
    Posted on 22 February 20 at 16:23
    I hope it stays games with gold games you keep whereas game pass games come and go
  • Posted on 22 February 20 at 16:24
    I hope they don't, I don't like being pressured into playing games I want to play right away, because of the fear they'll leave Game Pass. I like playing them at my own pace, even if I don't own them with the xbox one GWG.
  • xAjesxAjes486,170
    Posted on 22 February 20 at 16:30
    im only subscribed to gwg, and i like it this way, i hope it never ends
    1 pwn j00
  • Posted on 22 February 20 at 16:31, Edited on 22 February 20 at 16:33 by Stinky Big Buds
    I really doubt they will, not while Sony still do PS+ freebies. If they did it would give PS an advantage to use a selling point that Xbox doesn't have anymore no matter how old and laboured it is? Free games will always help sell the subscription? I'm putting lots of '?' because I really don't know, i'm just guessing.

    I hope they don't, I still look forward to GwG.
  • phenom57phenom571,242,392
    Posted on 22 February 20 at 16:34
    God i hope not. I'll be cancelling game pass as soon as the $1 deal runs out
  • MattHLowMattHLow1,599,642
    Posted on 22 February 20 at 16:35
    I hope they keep it, admittedly most GwG aren’t great for the most part but not everyone can afford more cash on top of a gold sub for game pass/ultimate, it’s a good service to get games for the kids to play, Disney and Lego games etc too
  • Posted on 22 February 20 at 16:36
    Still plenty of old GOOD games out for them to offer, look at all the shit they’ve pumped out the last 2 years at least. They could even go back and offer some previously GwG titles.
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