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Xbox One Sale Roundup: February 25th, 2020

  • buttmudBrooksbuttmudBrooks1,301,860
    Posted on 27 February 20 at 22:17
    IAteA11ThePies said:
    buttmudBrooks said:
    IAteA11ThePies said:
    Valentino Rossi or Ducati? I'm leaning towards Rossi as it has a bit more variety. Anyone played both and able to compare them? Are they roughly equal on the sim to arcade scale?
    They are pretty much the same game when it comes to the bike portion. Rossi has cars too and I absolutely hated that part. I'd go with Ducati if I had to choose one.
    Thanks. May I ask why you hated the cars in Rossi? Were they bad to drive, in some other way poorly implemented or are you just not a fan of car games and didn't want them in your bike game?

    No I I love car games and racing games in general. For V Rossi, the only cars portions are drifting events in which you can use exactly 1 car, a mustang, and it is so easy it's not fun (and I tend to be bad at drifting), and also a rally mode which I think only has one car as well and the mode is so bad it makes WRC games feel like Dirt Rally quality.
    So I would actually have loved it if they had put in more cars and made them fun, but as it is the bikes are the only decent part and this was published before Milestone started hitting their stride so not that decent.
    Always number 2.
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm512,660
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