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Missing echo and chest

  • JDFurbzJDFurbz789,552
    Posted on 02 March 20 at 01:16
    I see that some of you guys have unlocked all achievements in this game. I can't seem to unlock the mask one but the biggest issue I have is finding the last chest and the last echo.

    I have scoured every inch of this world (as far as i know) and i can't find either. Do any of you guys have any memory of an out of the way or hard to find area that may contain these collectables?

    I realize this is a pretty vague request but any assistance would be appreciated.
  • Sky ManiacSky Maniac706,502
    Posted on 02 March 20 at 15:51, Edited on 02 March 20 at 15:52 by Sky Maniac
    I had 1 missing echo in the large out door area where you have to collect the 4 golden masks - it was near the windmill and hidden on top of a rock.

    I used this when I was looking for the last few:
    click on the echo you're missing and see if you recognise the area that is in the picture.

    as for chests, did you make sure you got the 2 behind the doors that you need to burn the vines off? pre-patch (not sure if the patch fixed it or not) the doors glitch closed and you could only re-enter via certain circumstances...
    I can't remember where my last chest was...
  • JDFurbzJDFurbz789,552
    Posted on 03 March 20 at 01:35
    Thanks man! I appreciate the help...this is a great game, just a bit glitchy.
  • K8 AUSTENK8 AUSTEN290,817
    Posted on 09 April 20 at 18:35, Edited on 09 April 20 at 18:54 by K8 AUSTEN
    I have nearly finished the game but am delaying the last boss fight until I've found all echo shells, Ancestral rune stones and chests.

    I had 32/37 echos and decided to go over old ground to see if there were any less noticeable ones I'd missed. I found 2 that way, both of which I captured the video footage of, I'll link to them once I'd edited and uploaded.

    It's worth knowing (and I wouldn't class this as spoilers but) there are 2 echos in the final location, the place you need the 3 amulet eye pieces to enter, at the bottom of the Hamlet of Fons spiral
  • JDFurbzJDFurbz789,552
    Posted on 07 June 20 at 05:09
    Hey man. Thanks for the info. I found the echo shell i was was a fairly obvious one near a windmill that i had walked past many times. I'm still stumped regarding the chest/s that I'm missing though. I swear I've scoured every region multiple times...who knows.
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