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Achievement Boosting

  • Posted on 16 April 08 at 16:03Permalink
    Please make arrangements for achievement trading in in this thread
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 04 March 09 at 22:01Permalink
    I would like someone with the Heavyweight, Lightweight and PM predator achievements to help me get them. I can help with ranked games or anything else you need to do.
  • Posted on 14 July 09 at 00:27Permalink
    Anyone who has the World Stars unlocked, I'd appreciate getting the Challenge Heavyweight cheev from you. Would help with any other online cheevs you needed.
  • SSCPSSCP825,615
    Posted on 03 September 09 at 14:29Permalink
    Really could do with help with the online wins, i need bout 12-15 more. Getting really fed up with ppl quitting the game if i start winning. Very very tedious achievement wish i hadnt started this game again..........please help me
  • InFeRnUs F1InFeRnUs F1417,102
    Posted on 01 October 09 at 22:27Permalink
    i need help with the teams achievements i can help in a lot of games for exchange just see my gc and ask for 1 in particular
    LiVe AnD lEt DiE
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