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Quick completions are on their way as Ratalaika Games announces seven visual novel titles

  • N30YRDN30YRD604,196
    Posted on 04 March 20 at 21:58
    1 Down 6 to go... Can't wait for these games
  • Posted on 04 March 20 at 22:31
    I feel like this company puts a lot of effort into the titles they release which is always a good sign. Some of the games definitely aren't for me but someone will enjoy them! Keep up the good work everyone :)
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 04 March 20 at 22:34
    You can argue until you're blue in the face about their role in the value of gamerscore, but honestly other than the issues with having a extra controller plugged in, I've never had issues with the performance of a Ratalaika game. Can't say that for a lot of porting publishers right now
  • HaZheR MxHaZheR Mx432,798
    Posted on 04 March 20 at 22:48
  • BaltousPrimeBaltousPrime150,145
    Posted on 04 March 20 at 22:51
    Ratilaka: We got 7 easy comp
    Me: Shut up and take my money!
  • SeitzzSeitzz986,507
    Posted on 04 March 20 at 22:53
    They sure as hell know what a certain portion of their market is about.
  • JuIIIianJuIIIian891,934
    Posted on 04 March 20 at 23:17
    Ratalaika Games.... The Ratio Killer
  • R3f1CuLR3f1CuL933,557
    Posted on 04 March 20 at 23:39, Edited on 04 March 20 at 23:39 by R3f1CuL
    Well I mean at least this company doesn't shaft you with microtransactions or have broken/unobtainable achs so despite me never playing the games they make I give them props for that at the very least.
  • Ex GHOSTfaceEx GHOSTface2,212,123
    Posted on 05 March 20 at 00:09
    This is why I kinda quit achievement hunting. Now its just with games I enjoy.
    Ex GHOSTface
  • SashamorningSashamorning2,193,381
    Posted on 05 March 20 at 00:25
    Syrup: 6 minutes. Looks like a cute story, too.

    I've liked a number of Rata games. Sagebrush was especially good. Don't be put off by the graphics. It's quite a haunting (if short) story.
    Brevity is the soul of wit. ~W.S. / I guess I'm not witty. ~Sasha
  • xHappy MunkeyxxHappy Munkeyx1,102,845
    Posted on 05 March 20 at 00:29
    Some of them I like, some I don’t. Sagebrush was a real nice one, I do reccomend that one.
  • TerzerosTerzeros368,007
    Posted on 05 March 20 at 01:16
    They look like games made in Ren Py ... and I like that 7u7
  • Lynxan101Lynxan101504,840
    Posted on 05 March 20 at 02:05
    I just hope that this don't cut down on the number of light platformers that they put out (Loved Gravity Duck and Jack and Jill points or no) I don't know if I care much for any of these as while I do not mind the easy points, I would rather have a bit of game play some where in my games.
  • xTCxxTCx1,729,216
    Posted on 05 March 20 at 02:59
    Ratalaika FTW with even easier than normal completions rock
  • Posted on 05 March 20 at 03:32
    I remember the good old days when Artifex Mundi was easy pickings. I have to think their sales went down when they raised the prices.
  • EazyE2285EazyE2285420,762
    Posted on 05 March 20 at 03:32
    Can’t wait to wish list them and buy them on a deeper than drop sale
  • CalyrisCalyris289,659
    Posted on 05 March 20 at 04:27
    I really enjoyed Iron Snout. It was like One Finger Death Punch. Wonder when Rata will discover dlc.
    Posted on 05 March 20 at 04:43
    despite the quick gamerscore, I liked the story of Distraint, My big syster and Ignore them
  • GtechApocalypseGtechApocalypse1,576,520
    Posted on 05 March 20 at 04:46
    Very nice!
  • 粉丝游戏粉丝游戏773,431
    Posted on 05 March 20 at 06:06
    to the rata developers ,dont forget to release all series with achievements -pc version on windows store headspin
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