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Joe's DLC

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    Posted on 08 March 20 at 22:38
    i just bought the normal version of joe's dlc and then went to the jp store after hearing that it was listed on both stores hence why it's marked as delisted. In the jp store it does't say that I own it so does this meen it's fixed or would it really allow me to buy the same thing twice?
  • Posted on 08 March 20 at 22:55
    The international (normal), EEU, and japan versions of mafia 2 are separate achievement stacks, and buying dlc for one version does not transfer to another. So you will have to get the mafia 2 jp dlc in addition to your mafia international version dlc. Just to let you know the jp version of joes adventures dlc is delisted.
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    Posted on 08 March 20 at 23:15
    Yes but this one is delisted because it was or still is the incorrect dlc in the jp store. As in joe's dlc is in the jp store but apparently wouldn't work as it was the international version of the dlc and was thought to of ended up there by mistake. So i bought the international version and when i looked at it in the jp store i don't own it so that could mean it has been rectified because if not i would literally be buying the same thing which is usally impossible as the store would say that i ownned it wouldn't it?
  • Posted on 13 July 20 at 09:41
    Hey bro, I also own all version of mafia 2 I’ve been unable to get any dlc for the JP one but the EEU does that use the same dlc as the normal mafia 2 or do I also need to buy the EEU Dlc to get the achievements
  • Posted on 13 July 20 at 13:34
    Each game has its own dlc seperate from each stack
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