Game Discussion: Microsoft Sudoku

Not changing date but still losing progress

  • FreshAspekFreshAspek391,702
    Posted on 09 March 20 at 15:23Permalink
    What gives? Seems every time I close out the game my trackers revert back to 0.
  • DaMurnDaMurn410,909
    Posted on 10 March 20 at 05:31Permalink
    The in-game achievement trackers have been wack since the game launched, but in my experience achievements all unlocked when they were supposed to.
  • GiinceeGiincee399,172
    Posted on 02 April 20 at 11:14Permalink
    So is this problem still not fixed? Haven't touched the game since day 1 where I experienced this issue for the first time...
  • TreviosoTrevioso232,228
    Posted on 30 April 20 at 01:47Permalink
    I was unlocking achievements just fine. Then today I got about 4 done, but none of them unlocked. They are showing progress, so anyone have any suggestions on how/if I can force them to unlock?
  • Drazer76Drazer76525,715
    Posted on 30 May 20 at 19:19Permalink
    I just looked at my in game trackers.
    For the year I’ve gotten 4 bronze, 3 silver & 1 gold medals.
    But their respective achievements are showing 3, 2, 1.

    So hopefully as above they do unlock at the right time. Otherwise I’m plotting through to gold each month for nothing..
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