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LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game Xbox Quest

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  • cleetus vandamncleetus vandamn1,778,611
    Posted on 11 March 20 at 03:54
    I completed the game to 100% a while back. Figured I'd start a new game and collect gold bricka that way. Didn't track for the quest.
  • Drazer76Drazer76901,951
    Posted on 11 March 20 at 08:02
    To add to the above (for those who haven’t played it).
    You wouldn’t need to do three levels.
    On level one you can do the tornado build and the race for two bricks, completion and filling the bar for two more.

    Then either finding one more attainable brick in the first level, not sure if any more off hand, or loading level two and finding the tornado build or race there.

    Saves a bit of time at roughly 1 and a bit levels completed.
  • GamePadZebbyGamePadZebby881,329
    Posted on 11 March 20 at 15:41
    Can confirm doesn't track for those that have completed already. I guess because the 'stats' tracker can't exceed 220, despite being on a different save file. 😔 Quests like this make me scared to play games in gamepass 'just in case'
  • GoatNDGoatND783,398
    Posted on 11 March 20 at 18:49
    None of those cheat codes work
    - Goat
  • BonkekookBonkekook2,966,461
    Posted on 11 March 20 at 19:02
    I must be missing something here because none of the codes work for me. Is there something I need to unlock or enter first? I haven't played many LEGO games so maybe there's something simple I don't know.
  • TangerineGamerTangerineGamer2,337,044
    Posted on 11 March 20 at 20:59, Edited on 11 March 20 at 21:00 by TangerineGamer
    I completed it previously and have a save file with 220 gold bricks unlocked so I started a new one in slot 2 and got no quest progress.
    Has anyone tried to delete the save data completely and start over to see if it tracks? I don't have the ability to right now but will tomorrow if no ones else can test/confirm
  • Posted on 12 March 20 at 03:32
    I’ve never played the game before, just ended up smashing absolutely everything that I could, found one gold brick and that combined with my Lego destruction popped the quest. I just figured the codes didn’t work because I was in the intro of the game. Chapter One was training which popped two achievements for me, Master of Poultry and Student of Upgrades, Chapter Two it popped Novice of Collection but as I said since I just went on a Lego rampage it popped.
  • DarkkibDarkkib536,942
    Posted on 13 March 20 at 02:42
    I can confirm that even deleting all saves after completion and I got 11 gold bricks in first free play did not get quest completed
  • DarkkibDarkkib536,942
    Posted on 13 March 20 at 02:44
    I am at loss of how to complete it now. after I got full completion previously.
  • shwhite86shwhite86149,874
    Posted on 13 March 20 at 03:05
    I have played before (2018) but only got to Location 3, yet my quest still hasn't completed after starting a new game and getting 5 gold bricks. I did in my previous play session unlock the "Novice of The Golden Art" achievement for collecting 5 Gold Bricks. I'm wondering if this is what's supposed to trigger the quest completion? Or am I just rather unlucky?
  • planchetflawplanchetflaw834,116
    Posted on 13 March 20 at 16:41
    You can't collect the same bricks you have collected once before on your gamer tag account. So they have to be 5 completely new gold bricks you have never collected before on any save ever.
    A tad annoying.
  • shwhite86shwhite86149,874
    Posted on 13 March 20 at 21:04
    Oh wow, that's very annoying. Guess I'm skipping this and the Dead by Daylight quest 🤷‍♂️
    Posted on 16 March 20 at 03:44
    The number of cut scenes in this game is ridiculous. When you're rushing it it's mostly watching cut scenes.
  • il Raddil Radd639,622
    Posted on 17 March 20 at 04:28
    My gold bricks are not tracking. Started the game and completed until I got the achievement for collecting 5 gold bricks, but my tracker still shows as 0/5. Anyone else have this issue?
    il Radd
  • iberianham82iberianham82612,258
    Posted on 17 March 20 at 12:03
    the same issue... the tracker is dead and I just got the achievement for collecting 5 gold bricks
  • Fready86Fready86258,860
    Posted on 17 March 20 at 14:32
    Have the same issue, unlocked achievement for 5 Gold bricks but the counter is not moving. Great 🙄
  • Posted on 17 March 20 at 15:01
    Same issue here. Picked up well over 5 bricks no quest completion.
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