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Achievements no longer unlocking

  • Posted on 18 March 20 at 18:41Permalink
    The last 3 popped for me earlier today. But so far everything from Ch 2 forward has not unlocked.
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  • Posted on 18 March 20 at 19:09Permalink
    just got E5C1 achievement after restarting the episode
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  • havocofsmeghavocofsmeg135,974
    Posted on 19 March 20 at 23:58Permalink
    Anyone had any luck getting them to pop yet?

    Damn problem has brought what could of been my longest streak to an end :-(
    Valar Morghulis
  • Posted on 20 March 20 at 00:00Permalink
    Chapter 5 of Episode 4 did not pop today. Also had an issue with episode 1(when everyone was having trouble), but replaying fixed it. For episode 4 though, I could not find a chapter select option(all other TTG seem to have this feature). Did I just over look it or is it a delayed pop?
    Posted on 20 March 20 at 01:48Permalink
    All the achievements worked for me now in EP 2-5. Gonna go back and replay ep 1 to see if they'l pop.
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