Game Discussion: Adventures of Bertram Fiddle 2: A Bleaker Predicklement

Patch on March 17, 2020

  • Posted on 18 March 20 at 05:27
    The game just got an update. Anyone know if it fixes the glitched achievements? I tried everything imaginable and haven’t been able to get a couple of them. Really hoping this’ll fix it.
  • Posted on 06 August 20 at 22:28
    New update on 8/6/20. No idea if the achievements were fixed though. I’m reluctant to play the entire game again just to find out.
  • Posted on 07 August 20 at 13:40
    I contacted the developer and they told me about a fairly unnoticed teapot in the foreground of the alley area (where the dog and grumpy people are). It doesn’t have a hotspot but the achievement finally unlocked when I clicked on it.
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