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Series X vs PS5: Xbox needs to make the most of Sony blunders by bringing out game reveals

  • Posted on 21 March 20 at 17:08
    I've been really impressed with Xbox's messaging for Series X, it's a marked contrast to the Xbox One reveals.
  • Thief000Thief0001,080,939
    Posted on 21 March 20 at 17:08, Edited on 21 March 20 at 17:09 by Thief000
    Definitely, they need to match the console price at least and not get cocky with the storage card prices. I'd add to that to remove the multiplayer lockout with Xbox Live Gold and they'd have a proper chance in the market again.
  • o Jeff D oo Jeff D o574,744
    Posted on 21 March 20 at 17:17
    while both systems look to be close on what they will offer hardware-wise, Sony easily has the upper hand in the exclusives department and I can't seriously think of a reason to own a series X at this time as I've not been impressed with Halo or Gears for a long time. especially the latest iterations.
  • Posted on 21 March 20 at 17:17
    I really want the PS5 to do well. If Microsoft isn't kept in check they will create a console that screws over consumer with greedy practices like they tried to pull with the original Xbox one.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 21 March 20 at 17:26
    Their first party situation is their most urgent priority, but that'll take time - and that's on the assumption that they've invested wisely in skilled development teams.

    In the short term, Microsoft should focus on some of the littler things like certain third-party developers not supporting the system, Xbox controllers still not having rechargeable packs as standard, some games requiring Xbox Live Gold but not PlayStation Plus. Small stuff, but they stack up.
  • The SCHWARTZ 00The SCHWARTZ 001,101,745
    Posted on 21 March 20 at 17:30
    I remember all the "720pBox" jokes across the internet from 2013 to 2017. Seriously, you couldn't enter a single comment section without a bunch of Sony supporters shitting all over the One. Now that the power argument is decidedly over, the goalposts have shifted to "exclusives". What a joke. I hope Microsoft just does some boss shit like buying out Naughty Dog so I can drink from the spring of tears that would erupt.
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  • Storm YorhaStorm Yorha437,390
    Posted on 21 March 20 at 17:35, Edited on 21 March 20 at 17:36 by Storm Yorha
    Specs and all are great but people care about games. Xbox had so many chances to take over Sony such as when they started charging membership prices. Imagine Xbox removing the paywall to play online and made their service strictly game pass/games with gold. They could have easily taken a big chunk out of the market and recovered membership losses with game pass.

    Nonetheless, hoping to see some solid single player exclusives for Xbox.
  • Posted on 21 March 20 at 17:38
    For me both companys need to bring out the game reveals for only the next generation because right now i have zero interest in both the series X and Ps5.
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  • Emzx99Emzx99429,756
    Posted on 21 March 20 at 17:40
    Not really. Gamers have gotten quite keen on software reveals being a complete lie. Software sales on the decline the last 10 years would agree. People are sick of half finished games. If they announce games, it better be something they can show is full of content. Otherwise? It's just cinematic crap not related to gameplay. That's the whole reason we play these things. No story or graphics can save a bad game. What Microsoft needs to send home is features. A lot of them. If the Series X is just a bigger, better PS5 with features that do more for the users? Automatic win.
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  • supkrissupkris1,473,090
    Posted on 21 March 20 at 18:10
    Sony’s recent exclusives baring Spider-Man and god of war were yawn inducing. I never cared about days gone or death stranding and couldn’t play horizon for more than a hour without sleeping. All these exclusives follow same pattern. An open world game with good graphics and nothing else. MS just needs to reinvent new series like they did with halo on Xbox og and gears on x360. Those were console sellers. Two killer new IP’s is all they need
  • DeliriousDrewDeliriousDrew1,423,980
    Posted on 21 March 20 at 18:11
    Xbox vs PS just reminds me of the Barbossa vs Jack Sparrow fight, "So what now, Jack Sparrow? Are we to be two immortals locked in an epic battle until Judgment Day and trumpets sound?"
  • SmarmySmurfSmarmySmurf357,651
    Posted on 21 March 20 at 18:12
    I think a great software showcase could seal the deal for a lot of people, MS has been doing great with SX so far. Problem, for me anyway, is that they've already admitted there will be no launch exclusives. So anything they show for ~year 1 will play just fine in my One X, which really kills my hype. I like more powerful hardware and better experiences, sure, but the expected $500 or more is just too much. I waited until One X hit $400 refurbished before pulling the trigger. Same with my OG One (with Kinect). $400 is my absolute ceiling, no matter the power, but especially when there is nothing exclusive to play on it.
  • dreampagedreampage564,748
    Posted on 21 March 20 at 18:15
    The way I see it, Microsoft is not in advantage anymore. The media is actively trying to explain the PS5 specs, and even convince gamers that it will be the better (faster, more powerful, more innovative etc) console. They paint a picture that Microsoft is only making a PC while Sony revolutionizes entertainment. Microsoft is still at a huge disadvantage when it comes to the media and common perception.
  • NO1KEVNO1KEV2,629,250
    Posted on 21 March 20 at 18:26
    Not really bothered about a new console especially when for the 1st year there ant gona be any games for it that arent on current console. And im not buying, sorry i meant testing another console for any company day one.
  • Posted on 21 March 20 at 18:44
    coverage of this must be really different in other parts of the world than what I see in middle America.

    xbox isn't leading anything except media saying no reason to buy a xbox upon release because it is overpriced and a gaming computer with cloud service streaming to your phone is a much better alternative
  • Spartan 343xSpartan 343x339,818 339,818 GamerScore
    Posted on 21 March 20 at 18:49
    I'm really wanting to see what exclusives are coming out. Like the timeline of them. RE3, FF7 and Halo are on my radar but Imcurious to see what MS and Sony have in store for 2021
  • planting42planting422,043,842
    Posted on 21 March 20 at 18:49
    I'm interested, but given I own an X and S already - the new games have to really POP to make me want to grab it on launch. I do like the save states for games though for fast switching. Makes boosting sessions more interesting when you are waiting to fix connection issues and the like. Just hope that doesn't screw with open NATs.
  • Posted on 21 March 20 at 18:50
    Couldn't care less about specs if the games themselves are going to be empty shells, live service garbage or full of bugs at release or a combination of them like so many big titles have been on XB1.

    My opinion is that on the whole games have gone backwards this gen, them being slightly prettier doesn't change a thing and I've hugely lost interest in playing the past 2-3 years because of that, too many games just seem soulless now.

    Barring Hitman 2016 and Forza Horizon 3 I can't remember having a better experience with any series or genre on the One than I did on the 360, most of them actually being considerably worse.
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  • SeitzzSeitzz1,097,812
    Posted on 21 March 20 at 18:51
    I really hope Xbox capitalizes on this for sure, it's there for the taking for Microsoft.
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