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Forum for the Crazy Random Achievement Bash Contest


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    Posted on 22 March 20 at 19:05, Edited today at 11:09 by TrueAchievementPermalink
    Welcome to the newest TA Event. This is a solo just for fun event where we pit you against your game collection. How prepared are you for the randomization that's coming? One might call this a Crazy Random Achievement Bash. Crazy because that's what we are - crazy for leaving these achievements for so long. Random, well - we won't tell you exactly how they're being selected as that may ruin some of the fun. We'll just say that a nice chunk of low and medium achievements will make up the majority of your fodder with a few higher ratio achievements to test your skills. If you are ready to bash out some achievements, then I'd recommend hitting the register button on the event homepage and getting to work!

    This event runs for 1 month, starting March 24th at NOON UTC. Please ensure all achievements you want to count have been unlocked AND scanned onto the site before April 24 at NOON.

    All told, 30 achievements will be selected from those in your Game Collection. If you need a hand figuring out how to use that feature, please see this article: My Game Collection Version 2.0

    There is a Community Challenge attached as well, we can't stop these now, can we? For those with enough motivation to power through the lists we create and unlock at least half of the achievements (that being, 15 or more) we'll add another level to your Challenge badge.

    There are no rerolls or restarts so if there's something you absolutely do not want to see, please ensure its marked as 'not for contests' so its not picked. Do this BEFORE registering to ensure there are no issues.

    The event hub page is here:

    A few notes:
    - Achievements must be unlocked online to be valid
    - Achievements from games only are valid in this event
    - Challenges are NOT valid for this event
    - Progress will update once achievements are scanned onto the site

    Once you are sure your Game Collection is how you want it, click register on the hub page and see which 30 achievements have been selected for you. That's it, you now have until the end of the event to earn 15 for the Challenge badge, or more to show the rest of TA how well you can bash out your backlog.

    Q: Is there a restart or reroll button?
    A: No. The list you are given is your only list. ENSURE YOUR GAME COLLECTION IS UP-TO-DATE BEFORE PRESSING REGISTER!

    Q: Will I automatically be scanned when the event ends?
    A: No. Its your responsibility to make sure all achievements are scanned in before the event ends.

    Q: Why aren't achievements unlocked offline valid?
    A: Since the event uses the timestamps to determine the order the achievements were unlocked in, offline unlocks would possibly scan onto the site in any order. There is no basis for the event to know where the offline achievements fit in. To make this as simple for us as it is for you, we can't include them.

    Q: How do I check if I'm online on Xbox 360 / Xbox One with Backwards Compatibility?
    A: When you're using the Xbox 360 or on the One via Backward Compatibility, you may want to minimize the likelihood of being offline.

    Tip 1: Check the 360 menu to check you are connected before getting to the point of unlocking the achievement. The Xbox button on the 360 controller, or cn_back and cn_start on the One controller.
    Tip 2: If you have to download an update, once the game has reloaded check you are connected to live before continuing.
    Tip 3: If you can, avoid using Backwards Compatibility on the One if you have issues with staying connected to Live through it.
    Tip 4: Start a party on the Xbox 360, even if its just you in it. That way, if you're disconnected you don't see the notification, you will get a notification about being unable to connect to the party instead.
    Tip 5: Keep checking you're online, especially if you're close to unlocking the achievement.
    Tip 6: See Help! I unlocked an Xbox 360 achievement offline, what can I do? if you get unlucky.

    Q: Can I play offline on my Xbox One?
    A: Yes, but with extreme caution. The reason for this is the manner the Xbox One handles achievements unlocked while offline. When you reconnect the console to the internet, all achievements earned while offline will commonly unlock as soon as you reach the Home screen in a completely random order. There is no way to guarantee the order the achievements will be unlocked. If you are using your Xbox One offline, its recommended you reconnect after unlocking just one achievement intended for your chain.

    Q: Help! I unlocked an Xbox 360 achievement offline, what can I do?
    A: If the achievement has synced to (and can be scanned by TA) because your Xbox reconnected to Xbox live, then unfortunately you are out of luck and there's nothing anyone can do.

    However, if the achievement has not yet synced, you can immediately disconnect your Xbox from the internet or turn off your router (or whatever internet device you have). Delete your profile from your Xbox. Reconnect your internet, and connect to Xbox Live. Re-download your profile. The achievement you unlocked offline will be gone and you will have to re-earn it. Depending on the game you may have to re-meet the requirements, or it may pop when you load the game (or something else).