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Non-stat tracking for COD BO2 and WaW

  • xWJaguar29WxxWJaguar29Wx766,874
    Posted on 24 March 20 at 13:50Permalink
    Hi, I've been looking into possible ways that I could change my Trueachievements profile back to stat tracking. From what I can remember, the games that got me flagged were Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and that happened randomly when I joined a multiplayer game session that had a hacker, sometime in August of 2016. The other was Call of Duty: World at War which happened in a random zombies lobby that occurred sometime in February of 2014.

    I recently saw a thread that that states that the site doesn't use achievements unlocked from a game due to a mod lobby against users. Here's the thread link:

    Black Ops 2 - A modder unlocked my main game Achievements in 1 second.

    If I understand this correctly, this means that my profile shouldn't be affected by these two games? From what I can see, and remember, these are the two games that put me into non stat tracking. Is there anyway that I can get this fixed so that I can have tracking back? Or is there an underlying problem with my profile that I can't see?

    Let me know,
  • Posted on 24 March 20 at 19:33Permalink
    If those are the only two games, when someone from the Investigations Team sees this I’m assuming they’ll give you your tracking back.
  • Posted on 26 March 20 at 18:47Permalink
    We've restored this account to Full Tracking.
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