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EGX Rezzed Digital live streams start today, replacing the original event

  • Posted on 26 March 20 at 20:31Permalink
    Shame for these events cause so, so much work goes in to these events. But honestly, July for any event here in the UK right now sounds inconceivable.
  • Posted on 26 March 20 at 20:47Permalink
    ^^ totally agree. Cant see it happening
  • HaZheR MxHaZheR Mx248,848
    Posted on 27 March 20 at 07:34Permalink
  • Lord MidasLord Midas264,688
    Posted on 27 March 20 at 08:13Permalink
    Always enjoyed going to Rezzed, but the venue was SO COLD!! Especially the lower level, where toilets and board games live.
    Would you kindly
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