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Whispers of the Throne in Eternal Card Game achievements found

  • vSullyvSully942,057
    Posted on 31 March 20 at 02:22, Edited on 31 March 20 at 02:26 by vSully
    There appear to be broken achievements.

    This one unlocked without having the appropriate card in my deck and without completing the in-game milestone:
    Eternal Card GameJust RewardsThe Just Rewards achievement in Eternal Card Game worth 84 pointsDraw Razca from your void 5 times in a single game.

    This one did not unlock even though I completed the associated in-game milestone.
    Eternal Card GameSpring has SprungThe Spring has Sprung achievement in Eternal Card Game worth 80 pointsDestroy an Eye of Winter while you have Guardian of Spring in play.

    I went back and completed the Just Rewards milestone in-game hoping it would pop Spring has Sprung and it didn't. Wonderful.
  • CalrethiCalrethi84,976
    Posted on 31 March 20 at 06:32
    They are getting seriously good at screwing this up, frustrating
  • vSullyvSully942,057
    Posted on 02 April 20 at 03:26
    They put out a fix, apparently. But it appears that they just fixed it for people who never got the milestone. So unless they fix it so that we can get the milestone again or that there is some sort of a retroactive check, we're screwed.

    Only option then would be to associate with a new account, buy the fucking campaign, and get the milestone again. Fuck that.
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