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Totally Reliable Delivery Service now available in Xbox Game Pass

  • Redd FiveRedd Five1,017,792
    Posted on 03 April 20 at 10:49
    Does anyone else read the acronym for this game as TuRDS?
  • stonecougerstonecouger939,821
    Posted on 15 April 20 at 21:31
    Sorry just a rant. I understand being a challenge i got it. but to the point of frustation the character cant even climb a hill carrying nothing to the jumping of one inch to next olympic distances. i really do think this can be a fun game. just maybe tone down the wonky physics.
  • Posted on 27 April 20 at 02:39, Edited on 27 April 20 at 02:40 by Darth James O
    Obligatory this would be such a fun and relaxing game were it not for the unhelpful control system comment.
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