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    Please use this thread to discuss the KONA walkthrough.
  • LoofahdogLoofahdog172,881
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    Walkthrough is 100% written and was tested today using my other account. I have two other non-TA'ers checking for accuracy and any potential misses and issues.
  • LoofahdogLoofahdog172,881
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    Walkthrough is fully uploaded and being re-reviewed for errors and formatting.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

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    Thank you! :)
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    Cool ready to give it a test run
    Kungfu Monk3y
  • BasileusBasileus210,498
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    Cool. I think I'll wait for the release. wave
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    Whats the status?
  • LoofahdogLoofahdog172,881
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    It is finished, just waiting for it to be reviewed by the overseer.
  • LoofahdogLoofahdog172,881
  • BasileusBasileus210,498
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    Thank you, much appreciated.

    But... why is almost everything in CapsLock?
  • LoofahdogLoofahdog172,881
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    But... why is almost everything in CapsLock?
    Sorry, it pasted that way from EditPad.
  • LoofahdogLoofahdog172,881
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    Re-formatted Upper/Lower case issue.
    Posted on 11 April 20 at 02:04, Edited on 11 April 20 at 02:07 by GRAND NOBLEPermalink
    Thank you for all your work Loofahdog. I read through a few pages through the 'preview' link you posted.

    Just some notes for any future walkthroughs you may work on: I'm not pumped about the idea of having to do 2 playthroughs if it's unnecessary (see my next paragraph for explanation). BUT!! If you are going to write a walkthrough that requires 2 playthroughs, you should add a page at the end for your 2nd playthrough that hits all the MAIN STORYLINE KEY POINTS that you have to do to progress. Skipping all the unnecessary movements for collectibles and side achievements. You know? (especially with such a long walkthrough, expecting anyone to do a 2nd playthrough knowing what pages are necessary and what pages can be completely skipped takes a lot of time and effort from the reader....)

    So admittedly, I'm not going to follow this walkthrough for that reason. I say this as critique and not to sound harsh, I really appreciate all the work you put into this very very very long WT lol. I found a youtube video speed-running the game and getting all achvs in 1 playthrough (well mostly, after the game he has 98% all achvs, he reloads the last checkpoint to get the last Wendigo and flare gun achvs). But all-in-all it lasts just 2 hours long. In case you want to see/reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dV5QzYn_6jU

    Secondly, just as a tip for formatting, try not to be so wordy. That is just MY opinion. It is so hard to go back and forth between a WT and your game if you're having to pause and reading 2 or 3 paragraphs just to get to the one point "go in the house, and pick up and leave" do you know what I mean? I prefer bulletpoints. I actually started writing a WT for this game and spent about 3 hours writing before I saw this was completed and just awaiting approval LOLLLL!! I posted my work in the KONA forums if you want to check it out.

    Again, I don't want to take anything away from your very passionate work. I, and all of TA, are always very appreciative of walkthrough creators! :) I hope my notes come across as critique to grow and not as anything negative. Thanks again!!
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  • LoofahdogLoofahdog172,881
    Posted on 12 April 20 at 00:42, Edited on 12 April 20 at 00:53 by LoofahdogPermalink

    Thank you, I'm not hurt by criticism (constructive or not) so I do mean thank you.

    I wanted to do the WT more like by bullet point, but it's obvious you didn't read the WT Instructions either. I skimmed them at first too and had to re-write my initial draft.
    However, they clearly state "NO BULLET POINT WT's". Also, I realize we live in a YouTube kind of world where people don't want to read anymore than they have to. But also per the Instructions Video WT's can be mentioned but are also not supposed to be the primary portion of the WT. So making any mention of these would be pointless to my guide. I understand that it is boring to read, but I added in what is needed to finish the game 100%.

    Walkthrough Rules and Information

    Under Content Rules, specifically 1 & 3

    As for the 2nd WT. Just like the YT video you found, you will have 98% of the Achievements at this point. The only Achievement that requires another round is the Onward on foot!. And I mention that at the end. It just happens that the last 2%, which requires you to re-walk through the game. Like you pointed out, I will add in the steps required for the second play through. I realize that I did not make this very clear.

    As for the last part with what you're referring to as:
    "go in the house, and pick up and leave"
    Like I said, at no point are there any steps that are unnecessary for total completion or achievement purposes. I merely point out items for people who may not have picked them up when they came across them the first time. Thus, allowing them to still get the achievement.

    There is a big difference in unnecessary and what you're referring to, which is filler. Because there isn't any. Like I said, everything I added in I did so with the purpose of completely finishing the game. Just because one finds it too long winded, isn't my fault because people don't want to read.

    I'd say I'm sorry that you spent 3 hours writing something that isn't going to be used. But I'm not, I happen to beat you to the punch. However, if you have anything that you may have done that makes your outcome any different from mine I would be happy to add it in and give you the proper credit.

    Thanks again for your input,

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    I just used the walkthrough, and it worked very well for me. The only comment I would make is to get someone to check the grammar. There were quite a few incomplete sentences, and that made things a bit tough to follow at times. It could just be me, as I edit documents fairly often laugh But otherwise, nicely done! Congrats on your first walkthrough! clap
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    I found something else, I just wanted to double check first before I posted. In the Bedards’ house, there is a family picture in the hallway on the right wall. It needs to be inspected as it adds a journal entry once you do so.
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    Hi again! In the section ’Dr. Beaupré's Clinic’, the walkthrough refers to Talisman (T5), however, the Collectibles page has this particular Talisman listed as T4. On the same page, third paragraph, Firestarters is misspelled as ‘Firestrstarters’.
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    Last one! (I should have saved these for just one post, I apologize.) In the ‘House of the Patriot’ section, you may want to mention that this house is marked as ‘Blouin’ on the map. This really threw me on my first play through. Thanks for reading all my comments, I hope they help toast
  • Drazer76Drazer76504,997
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    So it can be done in one playthrough by just walking instead of the vehicle, and not using drink/cigarettes?
    How many hours does a second playthrough on foot add?
    I’ve read other places that just reloading chapter can get you the missing one or two if you do it the other way round, is that the case?

    Also, I haven’t gone into the section of the walkthrough in game yet, but have you mentioned each collectible in there too? Or do you Have to use the collectible page at the start of the guide?
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    Ah I didn't know walkthroughs can't be in a bulletpoint format. It really seems like a shame for game like this, where all the reading in WT takes away from the pretty interesting story. Yeah, again, if you could just make 1 change to your walkthough, my suggestion would be to add information on how to most-quickly get through your 2nd playthrough. Because without having to do any of the collectibles, you could probably skips big chunks altogether.

    That being said, I'm definitely going to continue my current playthrough without the truck, so at the end of the game, i can reload my last save and pop the last 2 achievements in 10 seconds and be completed. Having to do a whole playthrough just for the 1 don't drive achv seems like a total drag!
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