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COVID-19 Charity Comp. Want to be featured on it?

  • Myckel JayMyckel Jay242,101
    Posted on 06 April 20 at 21:47Permalink
    I know it's a long shot posting this on a gaming site, but I started a DIY label earlier this year and we're trying to put together a COVID-19 Charity Comp with songs contributed by unsigned artists around the globe. We're going to release it digitally on Bandcamp, them when this all dies down and production can start, on cassette. 100% of the proceeds will go toward sending medical supplies (face masks, sanitization products, ventilators, safety equipment, etc.) to hospitals and emergency medical services fighting COVID-19. So...

    - Are you a musician or in a band? Want to contribute a song?
    - Do you know someone who might want to contribute a song?
    Click here for more information on the project:

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  • Myckel JayMyckel Jay242,101
    Posted on 23 April 20 at 22:39Permalink
    I know zero people probably saw the first post. But this comp DID happen and it's out now here:
    You can purchase it digitally for as little as $2, or buy it on tape until mid-May if you're interested. It's for a good cause, so at least give it a listen and a share if you're able.
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