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Journey to the Savage Planet, Alvastia Chronicles and more coming to Xbox Game Pass

  • Posted on 08 April 20 at 14:21
    Lol i'm pretty sure you could get punished in some form for changing regions and getting their GwG as well as your own :D Think about it, ofc it will be against MS policys. Whether you get caught or not is a totally different story. They probably are not that strict with it but if someone (who pretends to be a friend pft) was to make a complaint they would probably take action.
  • Posted on 08 April 20 at 14:27
    superniceguy said:
    Stinky Big Buds said:
    superniceguy said:
    SilentJay76 said:
    superniceguy said:
    Journey to the Savage Planet and Alvastia Chrnicles does not look too bad, but no where near the awesomeness of Rise of the Tomb Raider, Prey, Shenmue, Lego Worlds, cities skylines, Vampyr etc
    Well, I'd rather have Savage Planet than Tomb Raider, Prey, Shenmue, Lego Worlds, Cities Skylines and Vampyr combined, since I've already played or have no interest in them.

    It's all subjective...
    I suppose Vampyr is not worth replaying if already played 100%, but there is certainly no end to Cities Skylines or Lego Worlds.

    If you played Cities (or Lego Worlds) created something like this?:

    Now that is a true achievement!
    We've had Surge2 and Nier automata or whatever and those 2 games are better than any game that has left GP in the last 2 months. I pay full price for GPU and consider it unbelievable value for money at £11 a month ;) Cheap bastards! :P
    Nier Autmata too good for game pass, worth the purchase.

    I am Still playing first Surge, Surge 2 will probably be gone before get to it, so that is going to have to be a purchase.

    Kingdom Hearts 3 was good too, but that will be gone before play through 1.5 and 2.8 before its gone, and that will be a purchase.

    I just get ultmate with reward points, so does not cost anything really, if it did would not be worth it as dunno when all these will leave, and 2 weeks is not enough.

    I enjoy playing bought games or games in PS Now with long warnings of departure as you can choose which games to play in the service and which ones to buy but I feel stressed playng games on game pass, and end up having to buy all of them.

    If I do not start Savage planet then I may not buy it, but if I start it and do not finish it before it leaves, then I will have to buy it.

    I lost confidence in Game Pass when Cities Skylines and Lego Worlds left same time. Cities Skylines was in there 2 years yet Lego Worlds was 6 months. The time frame frames are too unpredictable, and I think some games have only been there a month.
    I can understand that, that is literally the only thing bad about GP though, the lack of warning before a game leaves which isn't a big deal to most people. Everything else about GP oozes value for money and an excellent service, the games they add are always recent quality games or older games that people are interested in (not me usually), love it :)
  • zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzzDrUnKeNMoNkEyz1,333,303
    Posted on 08 April 20 at 17:25
    Unpredictable D said:
    zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz said:
    If you haven’t played it, you can get a refundtoast
    thanks for the info !
    For sure!toast
  • Outlawed TornOutlawed Torn1,849,462
    Posted on 09 April 20 at 02:29
    Mistover and Stranger Things 3 are both out on Game Pass PC, but do not support achievements.
  • GtechApocalypseGtechApocalypse1,799,215
    Posted on 09 April 20 at 04:26
    Nice a few of these games catch my eye!
  • SilentJay76SilentJay76619,693
    Posted on 09 April 20 at 07:40
    EarthboundX said:
    ThisIsPrfct said:
    EarthboundX said:
    Ah, one of those Kemco RPGS huh? Been keeping an eye on those, to see if they ever get cheaper than half off, so far no dice, so this is welcome news.
    Did you miss the Korean free GWG? Its been three months already that kemco rpgs have been used to replace games over there... you can just go to the korean store and get them. So far Asdivine Hearts 1 & 2 and Revenant Saga have been offered.
    Hmm, isn't that against the MS ToS? I know people were banned in the past for doing that, getting other region's GWG.
    Yes, it is. It was a common practice early in the Xbox One's life. Presumably the "region freeness" was abused by people (*shock*) and they updated the ToS a while ago. You are not allowed to change regions to get something cheaper (or for free) in another marketplace. That's my current knowledge anyway.

    Do it at your own risk.
  • Posted on 09 April 20 at 12:11
    Journey had gamepass slapped all over it, glad I held off. Surprised it didn't just launch on gamepass though. Seems weird to have it out for only a couple months and then add it.
  • xPut Name HerexxPut Name Herex1,159,952
    Posted on 09 April 20 at 12:23
    darthmarticus said:
    Journey had gamepass slapped all over it, glad I held off. Surprised it didn't just launch on gamepass though. Seems weird to have it out for only a couple months and then add it.
    Historically, games only had about 6-12 weeks to make the chunk of their revenue, after which it would be relegated to a companies "continuing sales" accounting lines along with all other older releases. That time period has been extended somewhat by the advent of the internet (due to online updates and DLCs keeping a game relevant for longer), but is roughly still in place. Journey to the Savage Planet likely follows that old pattern of "launch and make whatever we can, then after three months look for alternative income strategies since it is past its viability window".
  • Legohead 1977Legohead 19771,554,207
    Posted on 09 April 20 at 12:34
    Savage planet looks awesome, love a co-op adventure!
    Legohead 1977
  • Redd FiveRedd Five896,084
    Posted on 09 April 20 at 22:56
    I almooooost bought Stranger Things when it was on sale last week.

    Buying games is for suckers!
  • Throni360Throni3601,793,355
    Posted on 09 April 20 at 23:59
    Redd Five said:
    I almooooost bought Stranger Things when it was on sale last week.
    The PC version without achivements (yet?) is on GP, not the One version. I bought it for $5.
  • wildwest08wildwest081,448,799
    Posted on 13 April 20 at 03:24
    Decent games this month. Hopefully will start Nier soon. Journey looks interesting so I might try that later
  • zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzzDrUnKeNMoNkEyz1,333,303
    Posted on 14 April 20 at 04:35
    Was thinking of grabbing Stranger Things while sale is still on, but debating as it’s coming to pc gamepass. I know Plague Tale was announced first gamepass pc then dropped on regular. What are the chances it also rolls out for regular gamepass?
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