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A silly question (probably)

  • K8 AUSTENK8 AUSTEN290,792
    Posted on 09 April 20 at 19:11
    A shot in the dark question...

    Does any one remember where any very well hidden chests or Ancestral rune stones were found? I'm sure I only have one or two of each to find.
  • Sky ManiacSky Maniac705,883
    Posted on 13 April 20 at 01:33
    my last ancestral rune was one of the first 2, it popped for me in ng+ when reading the first one smile
    I'd say just double check right to the begining few.
  • K8 AUSTENK8 AUSTEN290,792
    Posted on 16 April 20 at 03:33
    Thanks Sky Maniac!!
    Happy to say you were bang on with your advice, it wasn't one right at the start, but near it. I actually found it in Leatus Grove, on the pathway that leads right (before you reach the big open area with all the ruins) guarded by a lone woodman! I remember I avoided going near him right at the start of the game as I was getting killed right, left and centre as Ada was so weak and feeble before she leveled up a fair bit! When I returned (levelled up to 14) I made him look silly with one hit haha!
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