Game Discussion: Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan

Glitched Story Achievements?

  • SethozSethoz603,258
    Posted on 11 April 20 at 16:54
    Anyone else have an issue where a random story achievement won't unlock?

    I didn't even notice it at the time, but I realise now my game didn't register 'Buried Secrets' for opening the cavern door.

    I've done a hard reset, uninstalled and redownloaded the game, replayed the game up to that point and still nothing.
  • SethozSethoz603,258
    Posted on 11 April 20 at 18:49
    Deleted internal data for second time ~and then~ stopped the game syncing. Had to run through it again but it did pop. so if someone has this problem, that's how I fixed it
  • afrekafrek1,894,762
    Posted on 01 July 20 at 19:16
    I had it glitch on me. Played through to that part again and still nothing. Went to my achievement page and it popped right away.
  • Posted on 16 December 20 at 22:27
    Fresh Air didnt unlock for me
    Iceberg Right Ahead
  • acedawg4acedawg42,225,207
    Posted on 15 January 21 at 03:57
    Bonus story end dragon achievement didnt unlock for me
    Posted on 10 November 22 at 13:44
    Otter friend achievement did not pop yet in TA but I could swear I saw it pop after I had him fetch a log. Strange
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