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Xbox One Sale Roundup: April 14th, 2020

  • nightw0lfnightw0lf1,275,705
    Posted on 14 April 20 at 01:19
    For anyone considering it, I recommend against buying A Knight's Quest. I thought it would be fun and put a lot of time into it.

    Unfortunately, it gets really tedious later in the game and it's incredibly buggy - hangs, infinite death loops, sporadic audio issues, issues that cause you to lose progress, etc. Worst of all, there's a game-breaking bug toward the end that can cause you to have to start from scratch. The publisher acknowledged the issue last November, but they and the developer stopped responding to anyone after that and there haven't been any patches.
  • YODA12320YODA123202,766,325
    Posted on 14 April 20 at 01:35
    You put shenmue 1/2 on xb1 onsale but not on win 10 sigh /facepalm.
  • MrPerson694MrPerson694502,691
    Posted on 14 April 20 at 01:36
    There's a lot of good looking games in here. That stimulus check can't come soon enough.
  • Posted on 14 April 20 at 01:42
    I keep getting errors when trying to make purchases. I can't even redeem a code I just got.
  • lightsup55lightsup55644,943
  • gtbikegtbike756,737
    Posted on 14 April 20 at 02:04
    There's some tempting stuff here, but need to deal with my backlog and too busy with game pass too. I may get the Castlevania collection though, haha.
  • PabloUK85PabloUK85681,338
    Posted on 14 April 20 at 02:14
    Nice how certain games are only 50% off in other countries yet the UK are still set at full price.

    Yeah I'm looking at you Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy (no idea what makes me want to play them, I'll blame YouTubers) - feel free to check it out if you like football/soccer
  • gatordeve86gatordeve86325,033
    Posted on 14 April 20 at 02:16
    TrueAssassin86x said:
    Of course The Dark Pictures Antholgy Man Of Medan would drop under twenty 3 weeks after i brought for around $25 and i still haven't played it. angry
    This game is awesome.. i just picked it up yesterday and am doing a play thru with a friend.. well worth what you paid
  • vegansoundvegansound1,165,880
    Posted on 14 April 20 at 02:24
    I don't even bother looking at the lists anymore...

    1/ Because that's always the same sales,
    2/ Because I want TA to create a filter for games we already own, and above all create a filter to consider some games we chose as uninterested in, just like for Steam, so we won't see again games we don't want to.
  • MrZombieChickenMrZombieChicken1,449,368
    Posted on 14 April 20 at 02:34
    There is some really interesting stuff in here, Certainly more enticing than the stupid spring sale.
    I ended up picking "Away" purely based on the character designs. I know nothing about the game itself.

    Almost wanting to pull the trigger on the Sega collection because one of the achievements will force me to play Shining Force, but I feel that I can probably get it cheaper later. The Stickman games are also interesting.
    This space for rent.
  • rocking23nfrocking23nf652,223
    Posted on 14 April 20 at 03:27
    i went to buy Monopoly deal for 1.50 and realized i already finished it almost 5 years ago.

    go figure. dont remember playing it.
  • Posted on 14 April 20 at 03:31
    Hows cartoon network battle crashers?
  • vSullyvSully1,296,882
    Posted on 14 April 20 at 03:37
    Lots of stuff. REUS seems to always be on sale.
  • Vex TwilleyVex Twilley246,415
    Posted on 14 April 20 at 03:52
    YODA12320 said:
    You put shenmue 1/2 on xb1 onsale but not on win 10 sigh /facepalm.
    Because TA has nothing to do with sales
  • FiveWizzFiveWizz640,412
    Posted on 14 April 20 at 04:48
    vl Realistic lv said:
    All I want is the Overcooked 2 dlc ughhhhh guess I’ll keep waiting
    Same mate same. Been waiting 27 years.
  • Posted on 14 April 20 at 05:08
    Duke Nukem for $3? Finally.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 14 April 20 at 05:14
    So Trials Rising Gold Edition was 15.99 in the Spring sale, then they relisted it for sale again this week but for 11.99...
  • Posted on 14 April 20 at 05:16, Edited on 14 April 20 at 05:16 by SMOLDERPICKEM44
    Dark crystals looks interesting but maybe on GP soon?
    If all pork chops were perfect, we wouldn't have Hot Dogs!!!
  • Tatl360Tatl360448,026
    Posted on 14 April 20 at 05:27
    Duke Nukem at this price is good..

    The Xbox 360 sale is also interesting this week.
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